Top 6 Tips on How to Create Free Time for Adventure from Your Busy College Schedule – 2020 Guide

College is not about books. Before you graduate, you need to achieve a lot more, including expanding your network and having fun. However, you only have 24 hours each day to mark items off your checklist. How do you manage the limited resource to strike a balance, ensuring that no faculty suffers? Having enough time to spare for adventure isn’t always that easy as you juggle between classes, assignments, and other tasks, but it is manageable. Let’s look at six ways you can free up time for adventure despite such a demanding schedule.

Set your goals

How much time is enough for adventure? Would a day or a week suffice? You can’t achieve what you don’t know, and setting clear goals lets you focus and plan a way to navigate the process. Do you want to cumulatively save a few hours a day for a short, say two days adventure, or would it be a lot more effective if you worked six days a week for two months to free up a few days, say a week? With such goals, you can plan, stay motivated, and comfortably create time for adventure.

Have a schedule

You’ve identified what you want, and now is time to tailor an effective plan to facilitate its achievement. Flying blind only makes it harder to realize your goals, but with a schedule, you can easily keep track and adjust accordingly should you know that you are straying.  Finding a system that works well for you isn’t that complicated. A detailed schedule, directing how you intend to spend your time, say on an hourly basis, goes a long way in ensuring that you are on track.

Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination only makes it harder to free up time as it does the opposite. Don’t delay working on that assignment, studying as per your schedule, or completing that last item on the checklist. If you stay on track, you’d be surprised by how much you’ll save, even spotting some wasters to help you free up more time as you efficiently complete a lot more along the way.


Completing assignments enhances your learning endeavors. However, if you are spending most of your nights working on problems you can hardly manage, you might end up wasting a lot more time without realizing considerable benefits.  What’s more, not every assignment is worth your time; for example, it would help if you delegated theoretical parts and concentrated on more productive practical areas. Enlisting professional services is an ideal approach as you look to delegate. You could be surprised by what they can do to save you more time and supercharge your quests as you endeavor to boost your grades.

Use dead time wisely

How do you spend your time to and from school, lunch breaks, between classes, or when a professor doesn’t show up among other moments? With tech gadgets, you no longer have to waste your slow time. You can use it to study or complete other tasks. For instance, with noise-canceling headphones and a smart notebook, you can comfortably work on your assignments. You could also plug in and listen to a previous lecture recording, improving your study progress without affecting your schedule.

Don’t multi-task

You might think that multi-tasking will save you time, but the opposite is true. Multi-tasking leads to lowered productivity; for example, an assignment that would be adequately completed within two hours might take four. The concurrent task might not be worth the extra time.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; with the above tips, your college life won’t be all about studies, as you can create enough time for adventure.

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