Top Alternative Gardening Options for Small Spaces

Top Alternative Gardening Options for Small SpacesGardening is a worthwhile and fulfilling endeavour. However, it can be space-consuming as most plants need a lot of space to thrive. Homeowners who wish to pursue the hobby but have to face space constraints need to be creative in designing their home gardens. You would need to look for ways to plant crops without many available plots handy.

One thing is for sure, if you have limited space available, you would have to clean the area where you wish to plant at home. You must plan the site properly so that the crops would receive enough sunlight and nourishment. If you need to spruce up a part of your property, you must dispose of debris. You can check for skip hires. They’ll assist you in finding the right-sized skips for your project and they will also collect the skips after you’re done.

Here are several alternative gardening options for homeowners with small available spaces.

Container gardening method

Are you faced with a space crunch? No worries, as you can easily plant crops on buckets, recyclable plastic containers, and even cans. You need to situate your container garden where the crops would receive enough sunlight so your crops would thrive. You will also have to nourish them with enough water and organic fertilizers.

Hydroponic gardening

One of the better alternatives that any homemaker can pursue is hydroponic gardening. You would have to purchase a setup to plant crops in a solution that nourishes the plants with oxygen and nutrients instead of planting them directly in the soil. You would also have the option to use natural light or artificial grow lights if you want to grow them indoors.

Hanging gardens

If you think hanging pots are specifically for ornamental plants, think again. You can turn these hanging baskets into vegetable containers and grow tomatoes, herbs, spinach and cucumbers. If you have deeper planters, you can even try planting root crops.

Vertical gardening

Another approach to container gardening. If you have enough wall spaces, you can take advantage of planting crops on special hanging planters, which you can latch onto a grid. It would also need to be situated in an area where your plants would receive enough sunlight and moisture. You can continuously expand the space as you learn the nuances of the approach.

Raised beds and square foot gardens

If you have a small plot of land in your backyard, you can quickly turn them into productive gardens without much work. You would need to use frames for raised beds and fill them with topsoil and enough compost to plant crops. For square foot gardens, the concept is to use a grid on a raised bed to propagate various crops using different methods.


If you better understand hydroponics, you can also set up an aquaponics garden. The difference between aquaponics and hydroponics is that you can incorporate fish into the setup in aquaponics gardening. The fish droppings will add to the nourishing features of the existing solution for your crops. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.


Small spaces should not constrain a homemaker who wishes to pursue gardening, as there are several alternative options for people to grow crops year-round using various techniques.


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