Top Destinations for the Best Guys’ Weekend

Top Destinations for the Best Guys' Weekend

Planning a guys’ weekend can be challenging because there are many great destinations to choose from. Some are the typical party destinations, but others present a surprisingly fun opportunity. The first step to choosing a destination is to decide what you are most interested in doing while away. For example, are you looking to drink and party, meet women, go to sporting events, play golf, or relax on a beach somewhere?

If you’re lost on ideas or overwhelmed by too many ideas, check out, a men’s lifestyle website full of articles, ideas, and resources for men interested in living their best lives. The activities you are most interested in doing will dictate the best location for you to head to. Here are some top destinations to consider.

Las Vegas

Vegas is a more traditional option for a guys’ weekend. It offers plenty of drinking, partying, gambling, women, and shows, so there are many possible activities. Las Vegas is a city that offers fun 24 hours a day. It doesn’t matter if you go over a weekend or three days in the middle of the week. You will be overwhelmed with the number of possible activities for you and your friends. Vegas also offers some of the best values with great hotel options and excellent service. The bar staff, hotel staff, room service, and all other service workers throughout Vegas are trained to provide you with the best experience possible.

New Orleans

New Orleans has one of the richest histories in the country. It is also a lively party city with the historic French Quarter, Mardi Gras, Carousel Bar, Bourbon St., Omni Royal Orleans, Jackson Square, and more. You can watch Bourbon Street from the balcony of your hotel room in the heart of the French Quarter, and you can join in the fun and intimacy of the celebration. There are plenty of hotels in French Quarter to choose from that offer excellent service and accommodations. Even though Mardi Gras only happens once a year, the parties occur year-round. Being on the gulf, New Orleans also provides excellent fishing, golf, and some of the best food you’ll ever taste. You can find fresh seafood, Creole dishes, traditional French dishes, and Southern classics all within walking distance of each other.


Dallas is an ideal destination for guys looking for a manly man’s weekend. You can enjoy sporting events, an array of great country bars, golf, and other activities that aren’t available in other areas. You can travel to the Stockyards and eat at restaurants that redefine homecooked food. Dallas offers the business of a big city but is a short drive from the small “Old West” towns and destinations. Dallas also offers dry heat year-round to accommodate groups looking to get away from the cold weather for a few days.

San Diego

San Diego is a gorgeous location along the Pacific Ocean that offers plenty of venues for parties, drinks, women, and sports and miles of beaches to relax, swim, surf, fish, and enjoy the coast. You can go hiking, experience the tide pools, and eat at one of the many coastal restaurants offering the freshest seafood possible. If you’re in a group of history lovers, you can also visit the Navel yards or tour the historic Coronado Hotel and Jekel Island.

There is no typical guys’ weekend because it depends on what your group is interested in doing during the trip. Each of these destinations has a lot to offer and could be a perfect location regardless of interests, and each is considered a top destination. Talk to your friends about what sounds most appealing to them.

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