Top Ideas for the Perfect Bathroom Revamp and Remodel

Top Ideas for the Perfect Bathroom Revamp and Remodel

Our bathrooms play a central role in our households, and whether you use your bathroom for basic functions like taking a shower or bath or spend more time pampering yourself in your bathroom’s spa features and ambiance, there’s no denying that we want a bathroom that’s not just practical and efficient, but also comfortable. But if your bathroom is outdated or is no longer working for your needs, it may be time for a bathroom remodel and revamp. But what can you do to make your bathroom more functional, appealing, and even luxurious? Here are some top ideas for the perfect bathroom revamp and remodel.

Install built-in niches and cubbies for enhanced storage

Storage is important for any bathroom, but what if the cupboard under your bathroom basin or vanity is no longer enough and you don’t have that much space to place shelves along the walls or corners? It would be a good idea to install built-in niches or cubbies for enhanced storage in your bathroom, especially for toiletries and other bathroom essentials. You can dig out bathroom niches on the walls of your bathroom, or, for an easier alternative, you can simply install more shelves on the walls. There is a lot of DIY shelving in hardware shops, and you can put this up with silicone caulk.

Upgrade your bathroom’s tiles

The tiles on the floor and walls of your bathroom may already look tired and worn, so another thing you can do is upgrade your bathroom’s tiles. You can choose to do it yourself if you have a knack for DIY work, but it may be best to leave it to the professionals if you are unsure, as it is important to make sure you have waterproof bathroom walls. And here’s another thing: whilst the walls, floor, and backsplash may not be that difficult to upgrade since they are not often hit by too much water, the tiles in your shower enclosure may be tricky because any small seam or crack may let water seep into the structure of your home and result in eventual damage. You should have a professional do it – and if you want your shower area to be more practical and hassle-free to upgrade, you can opt for pre-built shower enclosures or even steam showers that are fast and easy to install and won’t let any water out at all.

Learn how to optimize natural lighting

Lighting fixtures are essential for any bathroom, but if your bathroom is still too dark, it may be a good idea to learn how you can optimise natural lighting. If you want a brighter and airier bathroom, you can opt for the above-mentioned pre-built shower units or cabins, which often feature walls made of translucent or clear glass. With something like this, your bathroom will look more spacious, especially since there is no dark shower curtain blocking natural light from coming. Light will also be reflected in the glass, which gives your bathroom the illusion of light and space.

Replace your shower with a rounded corner pre-built enclosure

If you want something extra special and still the right fit for a smaller-sized bathroom, you can choose to have a rounded corner pre-built enclosure. These rounded corner showers are perfect for smaller spaces and come with sliding doors, which give you even more space to move around.

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