Top Packing Tips for First Time Home Movers

Top Packing Tips for First Time Home Movers

Moving home for the first time is a mixture in equal parts of excitement and worry. Excitement for the good times ahead. Worry that something will go wrong along the way to ruin these exciting times. But, you can take these worries — or, at least some of these worries — away by simply taking heed of all the top packing tips below.

Packing Tips for First Time Movers

Get the boxes well before you plan to pack

When you come to start packing up all of your worldly belongings, you’re going to want the boxes you’re going to pack them in ready and waiting for you. And, to make sure that this is the case, you’re going to have to get the boxes in yourself (because they won’t magically appear by themselves). To do this, you should set your stall out early and ask for a box overtime you go to your local supermarket in the weeks leading up to your packing venture. And, whilst you’re at it, don’t forget to buy some packing tape, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, labels and markers.

Keep Children Safe

Packing early is pivotal if you want to ensure that you get everything packed, and packed on time. So, well before your moving day, make sure you are packing little bits away and readying them for the big move. But, if you’ve have children it can be hard to pack early. It disrupts their environment. And, that can cause emotional reactions of moodiness and bad behavior. Some may want  go through boxes to see what’s inside, Or, worse, climb on boxes.

You’re, also, distracted with the chore of packing and can’t always keep you eye on the kids every moment. Consider having a plan of when your in thralls of packing and move furniture. Keep the main family area clear of the move as much as possible. Let it stay your family’s haven until closer to moving day. Have a place where all the packed boxes are kept, such as the garage or unused room. To keep you an eye on kids, have a play pen for babies close by where you can see them. For toddlers, you may want to use a toddler harness leash to keep from wandering too far, especially if people or coming and going outdoors. With all that busyness it’s easy for a toddler to escape.

Don’t let this happen

Once while I was teaching, a fellow teacher and I were approaching the building where our class was located. It was beside a residence of one of them families in our training program. We were surprised to see their toddler wandering down the sidewalk all alone. We arrived at the house with the child. The family was in the midst of getting packed. it was last of day of training. Despite a house full of responsible family, the youngest had gone right out the front door while others were helping pack up the family van. She just happened to keep on walking down the sidewalk unnoticed. It was one of those times having toddler harness leash or a play pen would have come in very handy!

Start packing the things you use least

It can be easy to get carried away when packing and end up packing something you still really need to use in your current home. But, you must fight the urge to do this. Only opt for packing things you do not really use until the moving day arrives. It’s more trouble than it’s worth to unpack box for one item that shouldn’t have yet packed yet.

Get help on moving day

Moving day, the pinnacle of your packing venture. You wouldn’t want all the hard work you’ve put into packing go to waste now, would you? No, you wouldn’t, so that’s why you need professional help who will ensure that all of the boxes you pack will be kept safe on the trip to the new home, and will in fact make it to the new home. So, get in touch with a professional in the field, such as those found at, and rest assured that your packed belongings will make it safely to your new residence.

Packing can add unwanted and unneeded stress to the moving process, but not if you take heed of the advice of packing tips. To see how you can turn your new residence into a warm and inviting home, make sure to head here.

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