Top Pool Design Trends

Top Pool Design Trends

The roll-out of fibreglass pools and in-ground pools has changed the way people view the swimming pool. Fibreglass has made it less expensive to build a large swimming pool, which means more options for homeowners and renters alike. Whether you like your design to reflect more traditional lines or want something bold and exotic, there are many types of pools out there for you to take inspiration from.

Contemporary pool designs 

Contemporary pool designs are all about simplicity and functionality. These modern designs are typically rectangular. The floor level is the same height all around the pool and there is a swim-out deck. This a little delicate and sophisticated design, ensure to hire a professional pool renovation company to get it done. Professionals will help you save building costs while making sure you get exactly what you want. 

Secluded and self-contained

Secluded, self-contained swimming pools that take their design inspiration from natural elements are called tropical swimming pools. Tropical swimming pools can be very elaborate and highly themed or they can be simple, akin to an infinity pool with a view of the landscape beyond the water’s edge. A hot tub built into a tropical design also makes a great addition to your backyard getaway area.

Natural pool designs

Natural swimming pools take their design inspiration from rivers, streams, and lakes. Traditional, natural designs contain a stream or current that runs through the centre of the pool. The current is more of a feature than a challenge and provides an attractive visual effect as well as good exercise while you swim. The water temperature of these natural designs is often kept cool by using the surrounding landscape to help with cooling and filtration.

Waterfall pool designs 

These pools are designed to look like a natural waterfall or mountain stream that flows into the main body of water, rather than having an actual running stream in the middle of your swimming area. Waterfall pools are a popular choice for commercial design and are also high in demand in residential areas. This type of design is best suited to smaller spaces and those that want more than a large swimming pool, but less than an infinity pool.

Aquatic garden pools 

Aquatic garden pools evoke the feeling of being within the water with their unique combination of hydro-formed concrete, logarithmic curves and natural light filtering through its architecture. Because this style of design is so personalised, it also presents one of the most luxurious ways for homeowners to decorate their backyard getaway area.


Future pool design trends will focus on making outdoor living spaces more appealing and functional for homeowners. This is what the aforementioned pool design trends are aiming at. Future design trends are only limited by the inventiveness of the people who create them.

Whether you have a large or little room, there are countless designs to fit your lifestyle and budget. A swimming pool that can be seen from both inside and outside the house is a smart balance. This is especially true if you live in an older home without many modern conveniences like insulation and air conditioning. A pool or spa can increase the value of your home while also providing fun for your family and friends over time.

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