Top SEO Tips for 2021 That You Must Include in Your Optimization Strategy

Top SEO Tips for 2021 That You Must Include in Your Optimization Strategy

If you are looking to operate in a competitive sector like business, you need to do more than the primary SEO. Devising an organic search strategy can drive business growth, boost traffic, secure sales conversions, and much more – but you still need to take the approach to the next level.

Use the “content feature” on the page

Content features include tools like the calculator, comparison charts, breakdowns, summaries, and pros/cons lists. It makes your content compelling and more valuable. With the content feature, you can directly improve your Google rankings. Keep in mind supplementary content is extremely important.

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Publish the topic along with the year

Current topics should always use the time (year). It should include all the key happenings within the topic for the current year globally. For example, if you are looking to optimize your content around the keyword “2021,” you need to include all the news, events, and happenings around the world for the particular year. Even though such a simple keyword tactic won’t bring in a lot of traffic, it will still be among your high-ranked and valued search string.

Backlinks from unlinked brand mentions

You will have several unlinked brand mentions that may mention your brand or product without linking to your site. If you come across such mentions, you need to ask the profile to add the link to your site. The conversion rate of this approach is enormous as you will be mailing customers who already know of your product/service or have mentioned you already in blog posts.

How to Find Unlinked Brand Mentions

Tracing down unlinked brand mentions isn’t kid stuff and required ample time and effort from an individual. However, you can save yourself from going through all such hassle with an image search tool. The utility will help you reach all the unlinked brand mentions within a matter of few instances. After reaching a brand mention, you can simply ask for a link straight away. This approach is considered immensely beneficial in terms of acquiring links from various sources. Furthermore, the image search tool will also help you discover numerous profiles that have mentioned you without giving a link to your site.

Optimizing Google Discover

Google Discover is the Google version of the social media and newsfeed platform. However, instead of featuring posts from individuals and “follow”  lists, Google shows high-quality content, images, videos, and news that you will like. As a result, Google Discover can boost your traffic numbers within 90-days if you design your profile perfectly. According to Google, it is impossible to rank in Google Discover, but the truth is far from that. Here is a list of the steps you can take to better Google Discover rankings.

  • Original high-quality and high-resolution images
  • The freshness of the content
  • Social media engagement, especially Twitter

Searching from low-quality keywords from content aggregators

If you are looking for inspiration regarding a few low-value keywords, then you can leverage social media aggregators like Reddit and other similar platforms with millions of users. Punch in a subreddit into SEMrush and perform a subreddit-wide search for all the keywords that enable the subreddit ranking. Even with low-value keywords, you can boost your traffic numbers since Reddit has higher domain authority than you in the first place.

However, here lies the trick. Reddit posts are super-unorganized. So, if you take care of the organization, you can rank any post higher than the original Reddit thread. Keep in mind to organize all the information neatly and add multimedia files with updated information to outrank any Reddit thread. Any well-written content will do better than a subreddit thread.

Remember these out-of-the-box tips while strategizing your SEO for 2021.

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