Top Tips To Look Fantastic at Your Prom


Top Tips To Look Fantastic at Your Prom

Are proms still popular? You bet they are! Prom is a rite of passage and an important event for students. It’s the time when everyone dresses up in their best clothes, dances the night away, and has tons of fun with friends. The prom dress should be as special as the prom itself – which can sometimes be tough to find! That’s why we put together this list of tips on how you can look fantastic at prom night.

1. Pick a dress that flatters your figure

Knowing how to dress for prom night is very important. It can make you feel confident and good about yourself if you are comfortable in your outfit, especially when everyone else looks lovely as well!

Picking a prom dress that flatters your figure will help with this.

If you have beautiful shoulders or arms then it’s definitely worth considering strapless dresses – they really show off great features like these perfectly! Another area of the body to consider carefully is the waistline: wearing an empire line style prom dress means there isn’t too much going on at once, so nothing gets lost under another layer (like lots of ruffles!). High-waisted prom gowns are also flattering because they lengthen out below any areas which might not look their best (like bumpy tummies or thighs).

If you’re not blessed with great arms, shoulders, and waistlines then don’t worry! There are prom dresses for every body type. So whether it’s mermaid prom gowns that help to lengthen and flatter the figure or a prom dress with beautiful embellishment which adds interest (and draws attention away from any problem areas), there is something perfect out there for everyone. Using a formal dress hire in Sydney gives you more options without spending too much.

Prom dresses come in lots of different materials too – satin always looks stunning but is also very slimming because it reflects light beautifully on your curves so they appear even more subtle than usual; lace has got such intricate detail all over, etc. If you’re looking for prom dresses that are affordable then these chiffon dresses can work too because the lightness of them means they add volume to your silhouette, which will help balance out any areas you might be concerned about. The prom dress should definitely not be a distraction – it’s meant to highlight how beautiful and confident you are! So make sure that whatever prom gowns you pick work with you rather than against you.

2. Find the perfect prom shoes to match your dress and make you feel comfortable

Finding prom shoes that match your prom dress can be a bit of a struggle. You certainly don’t want to end up wearing heels if you have been chosen as prom queen, so it is important that the shoe matches both the prom dress and makes you feel comfortable when walking around in them all night long.

– Look for high-heeled prom shoes with ankle straps or other designs that will keep your feet securely fastened into place – this way, they won’t slip out of place throughout the night!

– If you are going for comfort over being able to wear small-sized heels like Cinderella then try looking online where there are hundreds of different styles available which cater specifically towards a more casual prom look

– Check to size guides on websites before purchasing prom shoes to ensure you get the correct fit.

– Look for prom shoes with low heels or even flat prom shoes that are easy to walk in and won’t leave you hobbling by the end of your big night out!

3. Get a manicure, pedicure, facial, or hair treatment for an overall spa experience

Looking your best on prom night starts with a nice, relaxing spa treatment.

– Manicure/Pedicure

– Facial

– Hair Treatment

Spend the day getting pampered and you’ll feel like a princess by prom time! And it’s always fun to get out of your house for an alluring beauty experience while doing something that will benefit your prom look. Have some girlfriends over or go solo — either way, you’re sure to enjoy this treat! Once prom is over and done with, be sure to give yourself some aftercare love (nights are typically long) so you can fully recover from all the excitement. There’s nothing worse than looking tired when hanging around prom pictures in years to come!

5. Use makeup sparingly – natural is always better!

Use prom-appropriate makeup to look your best. Don’t wear a lot of heavy, dark makeup, and don’t pile on the blush; keep it natural as prom is usually held at night time when you will be under artificial lights anyway.

Keep foundation sheer by applying lots of moisturizers first then just top with powder for a light layer that won’t cake or feel greasy in the heat.

Choose lip products that are long-lasting but not drying – an opaque gloss can work well if paired nicely with your chosen eyeshadow palette (or go minimalistic with just mascara). Highlighters/strobing powders meant for cheekbones also work great applied along the inner of eyes and down center noses.

Add a bit of color to your cheeks with powder blush, but remember that less is more! If you are wearing colored eyeshadow (as prom nights usually have theme colors) then match the eyeliner and lipstick/gloss to it.

Don’t go too dark on lips or fingers as this will look garish in artificial lighting so keep everything fresh looking by not overdoing it.

Keep nails simple – even if they’re long try just applying one coat of clear polish for shine and let them be natural rather than painted up like perfect works of art; after all, they might get caught while dancing so don’t make them difficult to take care off later when removing nail varnish remover from the skin, etc.

6. Be confident and be yourself – it’s what makes you beautiful!

Prom is about being you and having fun. Don’t get too stressed out over prom preparations, especially if your prom date isn’t that experienced or confident when it comes to prom night plans – remember prom is a night for two people to have fun together!

So be patient with them and help them find the perfect prom outfit just as much as they’re helping you. Also don’t stress about what other people think of how you look – wear something that makes you feel good on prom night because at the end of the day this is your special evening so do whatever will make you happy!

As you can see, there are many ways to have a memorable prom night. If you need more help with any of these tips or want assistance choosing the perfect dress for your body type and skin tone, be sure to ask us! We love helping girls find their unique style and look forward to hearing from you soon.


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