Top Tips When Using Wood Flooring To Make Your Room Look Larger

The simple fact is that not all rooms in your home are as large as you may like them to be. You only have to take a look at the latest celebrity news to see houses full of light and space. Of course, their houses are significantly bigger than yours. But, you can increase the appearance of space in your own home.

It comes down to choosing the right lights and creating the feeling of space. You’ll be surprised at how wooden floors, such as this herringbone flooring Sydney, make this possible.

Top Tips When Using Wood Flooring To Make Your Room Look Larger

Set The Floor At Angles

One of the easiest ways you can get wood flooring of any kind or color, such as engineered wood flooring, to make your room look larger is to angle the boards. Instead of putting them the traditional side by side, parallel to the walls, you can angle them.

This means creating a diagonal line in the floor. It will draw your eye and extend the center point don the room. You’ll then find the room instantly appears longer and brighter.

Open Up The Floor

The next stage is to clear the clutter in your room and increase the view of the floor. This will open the space up, allowing more light to bounce off the floor and will make space look bigger.

It’s surprising but allowing yourself to see more of your wooden floor will ensure any room looks larger.

Lighten The Floor

When you have a wooden floor it’s a good idea to consider waxing it or oiling it. This provides a coating that protects the floor from damp and other issues.

But, the wax or oil can be purchased in a variety of shades. If you really want to make your room look larger you’ll need to alter the color of your wooden floor. The lighter the floor becomes the brighter and bigger the room will feel.

Add Mirrors

To maximize light reflecting off your wooden floor you’re going to need to consider adding mirrors to the room. Mirrors should be placed opposite windows, allowing the sunlight to enter will enable it to bounce off the mirrors and the polished floor.

This will make the room feel larger and more cheerful. It’s a simple but effective tactic.

Trim The Edges

Another way to increase the feeling of space, especially if you don’t want to replace the flooring, is to add a strip around the edge of the room. Ideally, you’ll be using light-colored wood to effectively define the space.

In the process, the room will look stylish and larger.

Keep It the Same

To really emphasize the space available in your home you should put the same wooden flooring through all the rooms and hallways in your home. This ties the rooms together, making them appear seamless and effectively enlarging the available space.

The beauty of using a wood floor properly is that you have to put a minimal amount of effort in but your rooms will feel bigger. That makes it a worthwhile investment.

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