Traveling without a Car

Traveling without a Car

Scooters, bikes, and skateboards aren’t just for children, no matter what you might think about them at first. While it’s true that they’re no match for the sheer size and carrying capacity of your average car, they make up for it by being one of the most reliable and consistent ways to dart from place to place without even having to touch a road.

Whether you’re riding it to work or using it as a way to relax after a hard week, a simpler vehicle can be the missing link between on-foot travel and a car that makes everything much easier. Sites like ScooterAdviser can be a great place to look for scooters, skateboards, and bike models that might perfectly fit your situation. But which might be best for your situation?


Yes, skateboards can look a bit silly if you’re wearing a full suit and tie, but only if you go for something bright and colorful. Good skateboards aren’t just an excellent source of entertainment, but a great traveling tool that doesn’t need any kind of fuel to operate. In fact, they’re so easy that you can ride all the way to work with a few kicks of your feet. Since they’re essentially just a board with wheels, you can imagine that the average skateboard is incredibly light and easy to carry around.

Now, a skateboard isn’t perfect. You’re not protected from the rain at all, and you need to understand how to control them before you can use them properly. However, once you get the hang of it, it becomes extremely easy to leisurely roll down paved streets or empty roads with almost no effort required. If you like, you could even take up skateboarding for entertainment: its exercise and a great way to improve your movement skills without having to invest hundreds into a single piece of gear.


A bike, electric or otherwise, is always a good option for day-to-day use. You’ll stay fit and healthy while crossing huge distances in very little time, and the build-up of muscles will make it easier and easier each time you ride the same route. Even if you’re not concerned with getting stronger, a bike can also offer much more storage space, and you can often lock in a safe place or bring them indoors to make sure that you never lose them.

A generic bike might also be more specialized than your first thing. Lights, carrying baskets, extra seats, expanded brakes; these can all be mounted on separately, letting you tailor each bike to fit your needs or the situation you’ll be tackling. Some people rely on their bikes so much that they’ll replace all of the parts over time, creating something that has been custom-made for their own preferences and needs. You can’t do that with a car.


Like cars, a scooter can come in all different shapes and sizes. Some will be powered by electricity, whereas others might have engines inside. However, the concept is always the same: they’re safer than a motorbike and smaller than a car. If you have to move through heavy traffic or want to cross long distances without wearing yourself out, then a scooter will be able to weave around any obstacles with minimal threat to your own safety.

While a scooter could be seen as a lazier version of a bike, they actually have much more useful benefits. For one, a scooter doesn’t run the risk of leaving you exhausted halfway through a long trail, and you also don’t have to worry about balance if you have heavy shopping slung over one of the handles. Some scooter models, even electric ones, can reach the same speeds as some weaker cars, letting you keep up with the flow of traffic as often as you need to.

Where can I find them?

If you’re wanting to bypass the need for a car entirely, or simply want something that can handle more niche situations, it’s not hard to start looking. Regardless of what kind of alternative vehicle you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find plenty of them online – sites like ScooterAdviser just makes it easier to compare what’s new and figure out which features might be best for you.

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