Treat Your Afro Type of Hair

Appearance is your own image that you give out to other people. If you look good, you feel good. Every person wants to look his best. Physical appearance does affect your overall personality and your hair plays a vital role defining your appearance. Therefore, in case of extensive hair loss one should opt the most potent way to have your hair back suiting your personality- An afro hair transplant in turkey.

Afro-textured hair is the natural hair texture of the African diaspora, Oceania and in some parts of South and Southeast Asia. The hair type grows in a tiny, angle-like helix shape, resulting in a wavy or oily hair that appears dense in look. Researches show, men or women having Afro type of hair are really passionate about their hair and couldn’t digest extensive hair loss. Causes of Afro hair loss could be any one of the following or in a combination of them: Stress, Scalp conditions and disorders, Traction alopecia, Diet and Excessive styling.

In recent years, Afro hair transplants are becoming very popular across countries. It is important to be attentive in performing Afro hair transplant surgery because the angle of the wavy hair on the scalp can vary. Length of the person’s hair, wavy or curly nature of the hair and the angle of hair plays an imperative role in the selection of Afro hair transplant procedure, therefore should be carefully examined and then the method should be chosen.  Turkey now a day has flourished as a popular destination for this type of hair transplantation.

So far Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant has been proven to be best suitable for Afro type hair transplantation. It is a surgical technique in which hair follicles are individually extracted or one by one from the donor areas using very small and delicate instruments. FUE procedure has proven to offer the best aesthetic results for Afro hairs, as instead of scalpels used to cut segments of skin with hairs on them, the extraction of the hairs to be transplanted is made with the help of tiny punches.

Transplanting hair with FUE method for afro hairs is also easier to respect the shape of the hair (which usually is curved in these patients), the layer of the skin which is thicker than in patients of other races, and the stronger anchoring of the follicles. Since the FUE method is known as a no linear cut, no-suture opportunity, patients are free for such visible marks. Also, the thick, curly hair follicles tender better coverage than other types of hair follicles, which makes the FUE process a more feasible option for afro type hair transplantation.

The tremendous development in Turkish medical tourism has definitely put the nation as the most attractive destinations for medical treatments, especially for the hair transplantation regime. Mentioned below are some of the main benefits of choosing Turkey as your own intention to get your hair transplantation done:

Easy to find a flight:

Turkey is well connected with all the parts of the world, especially with Africa, EU, South America, Asia. Moreover, citizens from more than 110 countries can enter without a visa. The process is very simple, less time consuming and lesser visa fees (for e.g. around £15 for a British national).


The most significant reason to fly all the way to Turkey, rather than flying to the US or EU is the affordability. Hair transplant in Turkey is 4-5 times lesser than the cost in the EU and US, sometimes even more and that too without compromising in quality. For e.g. Afro hair transplant in Istanbul costs around £1300-1500 whereas the same in US is around £7500.

High-Quality Medical Service:

The Turkish healthcare system and the hospitals are world-class. The hospitals are equipped with the latest types of machinery with cutting-edge technology and they are in a constantly advancing mode. The service of the hospitals is superlative in all sense. For e.g. the package cost of hair transplantation includes two-night stay in 4-5 star hotels, free round-trip private airport services and other add-ons.

The hospitality of Turkish People:

In Turkey, hospitality is everything. Turks believe that visitors should be treated as guests sent by God, hence welcoming the guest has become a cornerstone of Turkish culture. Even after the mass medical tourism, no low tide has been observed in Turks.

Geopolitical Location of Turkey for having a vacation:

Turkey is situated in the mid part centering the EU, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Geo-politically, Turkey is an astounding destination packed to the edge with primeval monuments endowed with showcase scenery that overwhelms in every step. Glorious landscapes-from the sun-soaked Mediterranean to the mighty mountains and arid steppe-are only mere highlights of Turkey. Turkey’s location plays an imperative role in attracting people from different parts of the world, especially from the above-mentioned parts.

All of these reasons have therefore made Turkey and Medical Tourism hub for all world. Turkey has seen a 10 times hike in medical tourism over a period of a decade from 2007 to 2017 in terms of cost, medical comfort and the associated chance of tourism. Now the government aims to touch the 1 million feat very soon.

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