Troubleshooting Tips for Gas Furnace in Peoria, AZ

Troubleshooting Tips for Gas Furnace

The furnace at your home is one of the most important pieces of electric equipment that works hard to provide normal comfort during the winters. As everyone knows the average lifespan of every furnace is about 15 to 20 years, anything that causes trouble to the unit at an early stage can be solved easily with the help of a professional. Being a good efficiently operating unit, the furnace has to work properly and smoothly without falling into any kind of furnace repair Peoria AZ.

Types of Furnaces

Like, everyone, there are different types of furnace that uses different fuel sources. Every homeowner usually chooses the heater to their home with the abundant availability of the varied type of fuel source near them. The furnace being given such an important role for they are responsible for not just the performance but the overall comfort of the place. And so anything that disturbs the furnace and leads to the requirement of heater repair Peoria AZ must be avoided.

Though there are many types of furnace that uses different fuel source, the most commonly found fuel sourced furnace is the gas furnace. The electricity furnace and oil furnace are usually used by many people too due to the availability of oil or the less availability of gas. The electric furnace is also a good choice but can be terrifying when a thought is given about utility bills. The gas furnace being abundantly used has many chances of furnace repair Peoria AZ for its continuous operation all through the winter. In such situations, one would look for hiring the best professional to carry out the best repair services.

Before Hiring Help

Hiring a pro for repair service would be fine but expensive, but what if the trouble in the furnace was not worthy of the expense? To be clear with it, trying some troubleshooting tips to the unit for any kind of HVAC repair Peoria AZ will be of no harm. What are the troubleshooting tips and how would I do it? A brief note on the top three major troubleshooting tips is given below for you to check and try out.

The Thermostat

One might look for the reason and cause of the problem in the unit as the furnace falls into repair. But what if the furnace was alright and the actual problem lies in the thermostat? Yes, any problem with the thermostat could prevent the furnace from working properly. Check the thermostat at first for being turned on and received power. If the thermostat works with power, then ensure the breaker box for the circuit is tripped or not. Change it back if the breaker is tripped. If your thermostat works with batteries, then ensure to replace the batteries with a fresh one. With the replacement of the batteries or checking the power and still no changes are seen, then the thermostat is not the issue.

The Air Filter

The air filter of the furnace sometimes could be the cause for the air conditioner repair. The air filter is filtering the dirty air all along its life gets accumulated with dirt and dust. Being excessively clogged in dust, the air filter will make it difficult for having a normal airflow. Making it difficult for the normal airflow, the air conditioner works harder to provide the normal efficiency which in turn gets affected badly. At a point in time, this air filter becomes the cause for a complete breakdown of the unit. Replace or clean the air filter often and check again for the air conditioner to work properly.

The Pilot Light

As the furnace uses gas to operate, the pilot light should work properly to be turned on. Though the latest type of furnace has electric igniters, an old furnace that has a pilot light may have such issues. The furnace would come with a manual carrying all the procedures on how to relight the furnace. Following it properly with safety precautions, try relighting the furnace. The furnace would start to operate if you are lucky for the problem being ignition.


After trying out all the above troubleshooting tips and still find the furnace not working or not turning on, then it is time to call a professional. For exceptional heating and cooling assistance and to get the service done as quickly as possible, contact Morehart AC for the best furnace repair Peoria AZ.


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