Truck Bed Hacks: Getting More Uses Out of Your Truck Bed

Truck Bed Hacks: Getting More Uses Out of Your Truck Bed

You do not want your truck bed to look like the picture above. So, what can you do to organize the things you transport with your pickup truck? You are in luck, as we have several tips and hacks to ensure you make full use of your truck bed.

Apply a bed liner

One of the first things to do is give your truck bed its deserved long-term protection. Apply a durable, long-lasting, and cost-effective truck bed liner like Durabak liner that makes the floor of the truck bed cushiony, slip-proof, and damage-proof.

Drawers for the truck bed

Since you transport different items, you can make removable partitions, drawers, shelves, and storage boxes. If you want to make your truck bed look sleek and organized, you can make different-sized drawer slides with small casters. Of course, it depends on how big or small the drawers you install on the pickup truck. You can also buy plastic containers with casters, anchoring them with hooks or straps to prevent them from moving around.

Truck bed caddy

If you have some carpentry skills, you can easily make a wooden truck bed caddy that you can use for the small items you load on your truck. The caddy will prevent the things from rolling around while leaving enough room for the bigger and bulkier items. If you do not mind boring holes into the truck bed, you can fasten the caddy with deck screws. You can even add holes or handles to the caddy to attach straps or rope to secure the caddy to the sides.

Install a truck bed storage unit

There are days when you need to carry more items with you, particularly during long trips. Consider installing a custom-made storage unit or simply purchase one. Typically, you install the storage unit right behind the cab so that you can find the items quickly. The storage unit can be removable or installed permanently, depending on how much space you need for the other items you haul.

Add a camper cabinet

If you use your pickup truck for camping trips when not hauling various items, try getting a truck bed camper cabinet. You can turn your pickup truck into a mini-camper van with this item.

Install colorful LED strips

Make your truck bed light up by installing LED light strips. You can choose a single color or a multicolor strip to liven out your night when camping. LED lights are also perfect for helping you unload things in the dark.

Turn it into an instant pool

You can find an inflatable pool that will fit your truck bed. Another option is to line it with a heavy tarp and prepare an instant pool to keep you and your family cool when the weather is hot. If your truck bed has polyurethane lining, you are sure that you can prevent water from seeping through cracks and holes that can cause corrosion and mildew growth later.

You can find several ideas to have more use for your truck bed. You can make the storage boxes and caddies yourself or look for a shop where you can purchase them.


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