Turmeric: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage, and Warning

A human is an amalgamation of complex systems and functions that keep us going in our lives. We have to take care of our bodies to lead a happy and healthy life. There are many times when we feel defeated and agitated by specific limitations in our lives. However, the only option we have is to keep going and find sustainable solutions to treat any issues. Medical issues are prevalent, especially if you have a terrible lifestyle. On the other hand, we always try to solve the problems in the comfort of our home. 

We are going to talk about the golden ingredient known as turmeric. If you are an Asian, there is no way you have not heard about turmeric. It is an ingredient without which an Asian dish is incomplete. The numerous benefits of turmeric will blow your mind and push you to use this magical ingredient. It is surprising to observe that you can sort almost any medical issue by incorporating turmeric in your diet. Mostly, people like to use turmeric as an antibacterial for skin diseases or problems such as pimples. Many natural skin remedies utilize turmeric as the key ingredient. 

Turmeric benefits for skin are countless, and the results will blow you. People usually apply turmeric on the fresh pimple and leave it overnight. The next morning you wake up with a natural glow and radiance. There are many benefits to consuming turmeric as well. These benefits include relieving inflammation, improving gut health, and enhancing skin texture, etc. Some pharmacy stores have started to sell turmeric supplements as it is easy to consume them in a pill. If you are interested in this magical ingredient, you must buy it over the counter or add it to your daily routine. 

Benefits of turmeric in enhancing health 

How to take turmeric for inflammation? Many people are unaware of the numerous benefits of turmeric. People on the west side of the world do not use enough turmeric in their food. There are two types of turmeric; one comes in powder form, while the other is raw or wet turmeric. Turmeric and piperine together make one of the most effective turmeric forms, which helps better absorption of nutrients in the blood. If you are looking to avail its health benefits, then you should get raw turmeric. 

1. Reduces viral fever 

If you do not know about turmeric, you probably do not know its ability to enhance immunity. Turmeric is the key ingredient in various immunity booster shots as it strengthens the immunity. It is also known to reduce the symptoms of viral or hay fever. 

Most people in the Asian parts of the world consider turmeric as the key ingredient to get rid of cold or cough. Now you may be wondering how a person can swallow turmeric on its own? People mix turmeric with milk and honey to make the taste bearable. Most people also sell this at drinks at milk shops as it is in-demand in winters. 

What time of the day should you take turmeric? There are no specific rules as to when you should consume turmeric. Most people have it early in the morning with their other supplements, if they own turmeric pills. However, if you like turmeric milk, then night time is probably the best time to have it. If you are prone to viral fevers or colds as soon as the weather changes, adding turmeric to your routine is the best idea. 

2. High cholesterol 

We are a part of a generation where people do not take care of their health enough. It is essential to watch what you eat and maintain a healthy balance in life. However, people rarely care about what they are putting in their mouths. They want their food to taste delicious, and that is it. 

We often hear our parents or our friend suffering from bad cholesterol after a certain age. However, you can control cholesterol by eating healthy and adding natural supplements to your diet. Turmeric has curcumin in high content, which is viable for maintaining heart health. 

3. Improves gut health 

The gut is our digestive system, and people who have gone through digestive issues may understand its importance. Turmeric has a variety of medicinal properties that can help you in maintaining efficient git heath. On the other hand, turmeric with black pepper is known to absorb better in the bloodstream.  

You can have turmeric water first thing in the morning along with a healthy breakfast to kick start fast digestion. It feels very uncomfortable to deal with digestive issues and heavy bloating. However, you can use ingredients such as turmeric from your kitchen to get rid of such problems. 

4. Weight loss 

All of us have some other body image issues. Some people want a perfectly shaped body while others wish they had some fat to flaunt their curves. However, it is crucial to maintain weight for health purposes. 

It is not easy to lose weight, especially if you love food. It is hard to control craving and give up the food you love the most. Turmeric can come to your rescue if you are looking for a healthy weight loss. You can have turmeric to detox your body and get rid of toxins. On the other hand, turmeric is truly magical for cleansing your gut. 

Side effects of turmeric 

What are the side effects of turmeric? People often associate turmeric with being a spice that can make your heart burn. There are no visible side effects of turmeric, if you have it in moderation every day. Asian people have the endurance for spices; hence, turmeric does not differ if they have it too much. 

Usually, 3 grams is a sufficient amount of turmeric to have each day. However, if you are pregnant, then you should avoid having turmeric directly. Turmeric helps in regulating your menstrual cycle, which enhances the danger of miscarriage. If you have gallbladder stones, then you should strictly stay away from turmeric. Apart from these limitations, turmeric is best for all kinds of medical issues, regardless of their intensity.

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