Turn Your Home Into A Classic Mark For Generations To Come

A home is much more than a living space; it is a legacy that you can bequeath to the next generations. When you do pass over the property to your children and grandchildren, you would want it to be as beautiful as it is today. However, keeping it as good as new over the years can be a challenge, particularly if it is a country house. Regular maintenance is the key because it ensures you can turn your home into a classic mark that will be treasured by generations to come. Here are some essential maintenance tips to keep your living space in great condition over the decades.

Create a maintenance schedule

Maintenance starts with having a schedule in place and making sure that you follow it religiously. Even if the property appears to be in great shape from the outside, you should still get it inspected by professionals on a regular basis. This will ensure that small problems are detected and resolved before they aggravate into bigger ones. Have a calendar that includes a checklist of tasks to be done on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. Also, be vigilant about the wear and tear and have the problems addressed as soon as they crop up.

Deep clean regularly

Deep cleaning of the entire place is essential, at least once in a quarter. Steam clean the carpets and have the furniture steamed as well. Cleaning becomes all the more important for rustic homes because they can look forlorn if left dusty. While deep cleaning tasks should be a part of the periodic maintenance routine, make sure that you are regular with the normal cleaning tasks such as dusting, sweeping and mopping. Some floors, such as terracotta tile, may need extra attention to clean the grout and tiles properly. Clean the ceiling fans, cabinets, and wall corners after every few days.

Give extra attention to the kitchen and bathrooms

Areas such as your kitchen and bathrooms are exposed to moisture, which makes them susceptible to staining and dilapidation over a period of time. Keep an eye on the flooring tiles, cabinets, sinks, and plumbing to ensure that everything is good. Invest in repairs and replacements when needed. Keeping your kitchen countertops clean is equally important. A smart owner removes grime with a granite cleaner that uses a proven formula for cleaning granite and marble surfaces without causing damage or abrasion. Using high-quality cleaners saves you from the cost of replacement of countertops for years.

Seal the floors

Flooring is covered with a layer of sealant that preserves it over the years. However, the sealant wears off with the passage of time. Re-application of sealant is recommended as a cost-effective alternative to having the flooring replaced after extensive damage. You can have a coat of sealant applied to the floor of your home every 5-10 years or earlier if there is a need. This is a job that requires professional expertise because only professionals can decide the sealant that would be right for the type of flooring in your living space.

Keep an eye on the fittings and systems

Usually, people tend to ignore old and rustic properties but they need extra attention to be well-maintained. Regular checkups for fittings and systems such as pipes drains, an HVAC system, and electrical fittings are mandatory to ensure that no extensive damage takes place. Even if you use the country home as a weekend getaway, ensure that you keep an eye on every installation to keep it in a good shape. Get periodic professional inspection for the home roofing as well.

Keep the place clutter-free

The longer you own a home, the more clutter you tend to acquire. Whether it is furniture, home décor, or appliances, there are several things that homeowners keep collecting even though they are seldom used. It is natural to get attached to the belongings but you may end up cluttering your place with useless things. The best approach would be to assess the things you own at least once a year and discard the ones that you have not used during this period. After all, you would not want to gift your children a house full of clutter!

Now that enough has been said about keeping your property well-maintained, you probably know everything that needs to be done. But make sure that maintenance is not confined to the interiors and you give attention to the exteriors as well. Have the house painted every two years and invest in weatherproof paint that keeps it looking beautiful despite bearing the brunt of harsh weather. Look after the trees, garden, and driveway too because they add to the aesthetic appeal of the home.


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