Unique Ideas to Fit in Faux Fur in Your Wardrobe 

Unique Ideas to Fit in Faux Fur in Your Wardrobe 

Faux fur coats are comfortable, snuggly, soft and stylish. They are a trend that is quite a rage in the fashion world and it is winning the debate as a preferable form of fur for fashion. The beauty of the faux fur is that even those who do not want too much of it. They can incorporate it into various accessories that are within their wardrobe. However, rocking the sophisticated faux fur coat is always a win. You can wear it in prints, color blocks or bold colors. Whichever way that suits your style and choices keep on adding up as designers come up with better styles and looks. Here are some inspirational ideas to help you fit in faux fur in your wardrobe and to make you look beautiful and fierce come winter season.

Furry shoulders or furry coat

In the coming winter season, everyone needs a shaggy coat to keep warm. You can wear it as a full faux fur coat or opt for furry shoulders that you pair with a slim winter coat. This will ensure that you do not have cold shoulders as the fur is accented on the shoulders. This look is for a minimalist but it makes them look super chic and cozy. Alternatively, choose the furry coat in animal print and pair it with a simple shirt dress for a neat look. This brings out a workday chic mood when paired with heels. Plus, in the evening you can switch it up with a fancy clutch and catch up with friends.

The furry shoes

Stand out in this street style faux fur shoes and add some fashion flair to your shoes. It brings out your diva look. The millennials do not shy away from it and they take its inspiration as you can see how they pull this look in the streets come winter. It is a fierce look and it makes your outfit look sophisticated and pricey. Match the furry shoes with a denim skirt or jeans and a cool winter jacket in matching colors to bring out the blend. You can add faux fur slides as well that you can wear from autumn in a bright color to pair with simple looks.

Faux fur sleeves

This is a great idea to fit in faux fur in your wardrobe. Choose the statement sleeves to add something unique to your winter outfits. It is a popular trend and it continues to grow as more designers make better designs of the same in different faux fur animal prints or plain colors. A brocade jacket in any animal print is a fabulous way to adorn the trend. Choose the blends in the trousers and inner top well. If possible, match your shoes with the print you choose to wear and walk out in the confidence that you look fierce in your outfit.

Faux fur purse

By adorning to your usual outfits you can add a fun texture in the form of faux fur. Get yourself a faux fur purse and add some glam to your outfit as you step out. It is couture approved accessory and many designs are seen in the fashion market of the same. Whether it is a simple purse or a handbag. This is a unique way to add faux fur in your wardrobe and enjoy the cheekiness of this look. Also, you can play around with the fabrics and have the clutch body made of snake print and the straps of faux leather or vice versa.

The furry collar

Add a chic fur collar to your blazers for an upgraded look this winter. And this will help you have a statement look for your winter office outfits. It adds the elegance to your overall outfit and you will look refined for those client meetings among other executive settings. Optionally, you can add a cozy faux fur jacket to your dress after work and transition your style by shifting the type of coat you are wearing. This will keep you warm and transition your style from office wear to party-ready.

The bold-colored faux fur coat

A simple color choice for a faux fur coat is a great addition to those who yearn to own faux fur. A pair or two is a perfect addition to wear them alternatively. For instance, a black faux fur coat matches with every other attire in your wardrobe. Choose a shaggy faux fur coat to add to your classiness. Another fierce color coat is a red faux fur coat that always impacts your fashion sense. This look is a splendid one and a head-turner. Invest in a full-length coat that covers all your outfits. Layer it on black outfits for a perfect match and paint the town red.

Printed versus striped faux fur coat

Dress up in your chic casual look style this winter by adorning to a patterned fur coat. Enjoy the awesome prints that you can adorn to in faux fur. Even when you cannot find them in nature which is an added advantage to why it is better than the real fur. For instance, a star, moon or apple patterns are some perfect designs to adorn over skinny jeans. Do you have leather leggings you have not worn for some time? Invest in a striped faux fur coat to add to the luxurious feel that the leather provides. This look will make you look expensive and classic and is a perfect street style look. Layer the striped coat over any other outfit you see fit from your closet and get ready for an upgrade in your look.

Given these points, there are many ways to fit in and blend faux fur into your wardrobe. Either you prefer to go minimal or all over you. There is something for everyone and every style is unique. Choose a full-length faux fur coat over a fancy dress for special occasions to the daring faux fur coat over a seasonally appropriate laced outfit.

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