Update Your Kitchen with These Tips and Projects

It’s no secret that the kitchen is likely the most popular room to renovate in a home. It’s where most people spend a lot of time cooking and enjoying meals together, and just entertaining guests. With that said, it starts to show wear and tear faster than other rooms in the house, and there’s the fact that homeowners want it to be functional and stylish since so much time is spent there. So, if you’re looking to update your kitchen but aren’t exactly sure where to get started and what will have the most impact, here are some tips and projects you may want to consider.

Change Out the Cabinets

A huge and very obvious feature in the kitchen is the cabinets. They tend to take up a fair amount of wall space so they really help to set the tone in the space. Over time they can start to look scratched, worn, chipped, and just outdated. 

In terms of updating them, you’ve got a couple of options. Depending on the material and the condition of the cabinets, you may be able to refinish them or stain/paint them to freshen them up. If not, then you’re looking at installing new cabinets. 

Update the Kitchen Lighting

Lighting also plays a huge role in the look and feel of the space. If you’re ready to update your current fixtures, consider what other types of lighting exist and what could work well in a kitchen. For example, under-cupboard lighting, track lighting, and pendant lighting can all work beautifully in a kitchen. 

Install New Flooring

Here’s a project that will have maximum impact as it will completely transform the look of the kitchen. Installing new flooring can update the space, help make it feel bigger and brighter, and be more functional (easier to clean and maintain). One of the most common types of flooring for the kitchen is tiling, thanks to how easy it is to clean and maintain. Some of the most popular are ceramic tiles, and they can be found at places like this Italian Tiles Leeds outlet. You can also choose from wood look tiles, stone look tiles, as well as concrete styles. They are incredibly durable options.

A Backsplash Adds Instant Style to the Room

If you’re after a project that you can do yourself but will still have an impact, installing a backsplash is a great option. Doing it yourself also means that you can go about this project in a very cost-effective manner. 

When picking the backsplash, you want to be mindful of all elements in the kitchen – which includes the countertops, the cabinets, the wall colour, the flooring, and even the appliances – so that you can pick a colour, texture, and material that truly brings everything together.

All of these projects will help you to update your kitchen, modernise the space, and really have it feeling like a brand-new room that you want to spend time in. What will you choose to change?

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