Urban Commuter Bikes – Facts You Were Not Aware Of

Quite similar to the popularity of cars, the urban commuter bikes were not always on the market. These bicycles and also their accessories were no way similar to what we have today. Here are some of the little-known facts about these bikes and also their accessories.

Invented in 1817

Though many people believe that bike was invented by Leonardo da Vinci, it was actually invented by Karl von Drais, who created the velocipede. It was meant to be like a horseless carriage and had two wheels. It had no pedals and hence the riders had to propel this bike by simply pushing the feet off ground. It was created to fill the void which occurred due to a lack of horses. For a Complete History Of The Bicycle, check out outdoorlabwithj.com

Made from Wood

Very food people know that in the late 1800s, modern safety bicycles entered the market. The bikes were manufactured totally from wood. There was steel tubing used in place of wood.

The Length of Kickstands

In the year 1869, the first blueprint of a bicycle kickstand was made by Alfred Berruyer. This was then attached to the handlebars. They were totally stretched to the ground below.

Energy Needed

Bikes are popular due to a number of reasons. Bikes use the same kind of energy as needed for walking. However, with the same energy, bikes can actually take you a lot far. Studies have revealed that bike riders can actually cycle at least three times quicker than they can walk but with the same level of energy. Isn’t that quite interesting?

Wright Brothers and Bicycle

We all know that the Wright Brothers invented the airplane. But how many people are actually aware that the Wright Brothers started their journey with a repair and sales shop for bicycles? The shop was known as Wright Cycle Exchange and it was located in Dayton Ohio. The Wright Brothers are known to have sold, repaired, and rented bicycles. The Wright Brothers are known to start building their plane first in this workshop only.

It is also known that the present-day commuter bike hybrid was not invented until the year 1885. John Kemp Starley is known to have invented the first Rover Safety Bicycle. This bicycle had the standard look of a bicycle which we all know and love. Quite similar to the present-day modern bikes, the Rover Safety Bicycle is known to have wheels which were of 26 inches. They had a diamond-shaped bicycle frame, there were pedals and there was also a chain system.

The helmets were not present for quite some time. But after years of accidents, bicycles felt the need for something that would keep their heads protected. And this is how the helmets were discovered. The first helmets were developed in the 1900s. These helmets were made from leather and wool which offered great protection to the head. However, in the later years, these were replaced by leather. Leather was arranged in a longitudinal way on the head. The foam liners and hard exteriors were quite ineffective and heavy.

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