Useful Tips to Organize Your Small Closet

Useful Tips to Organize Your Small Closet

Finding an outfit for the day should not be a difficult task for you in the morning. It can drain you and spoil your whole day. That is why it is important to ensure that your closet space is well organized to give you an easy time. You do not have to have a big and fancy closet to achieve this. I am going to give you a few tips on how you can organize your small closet space to make your mornings much more delightful.

How to Organize Your Small Closet Space

Do not let your closet look all cramped up and untidy. Your closet might be small, but that is not an excuse to squeeze everything together and create a mess. There are various ways you can organize your space to make it look exceptional. Let’s have a look at some of the organizational tools that can help you achieve this.

Sweep Out your Closet

By all means, do not arrange what you do not already need. You probably know all the items that you do not use in your closet. Whether it is a piece of clothing that you feel is not your taste anymore or an old shoe that you rarely use, clear them all out. You can donate such items to charity and change someone else’s life. Ensure you only put back what you need in your closet.

Use of Hangers

Hanging, as opposed to folding, creates more space in your closet and makes it more appealing. However, ensure you hang your clothes by category to make it easier for you while picking out an outfit. To get that beautiful look in your closet, invest in fancy hangers and not just plain old ones. Plastic hangers made by an injection molding factory come in all sizes, shapes, and colors for you to choose from.

Use Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers will make it easy to separate your outfits by category. You can have your dresses on one shelf, shirts on another, and trousers on a separate shelf. When you have shelf dividers, folding your clothes is more ideal as there might be no space for hanging. You can install your own DIY shelf dividers or seek the services of a professional.

Add Extra Storage

You can add a small dresser beneath your already hung clothes. The dresser can be used to arrange clothes that have not been hung, and the drawers can be used for other pieces of clothing. If you still have space, you can add up a shoe rack to organize your shoes. Only do this if you have space for these items; if not, you can put the dresser and shoe rack in a separate area in your room.

Use a Mannequin

To add that extra swag to your room, invest in a lovely medium size mannequin to display your favorite outfits. You can choose your outfit for the next day a day before and use the mannequin to see how it looks. You can also use the mannequin to hang your coats and other accessories such as neckties, scarves, etc.

Invest in Storage Baskets

You can use fancy storage baskets for small pieces of clothing and accessories. Storage baskets come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. You can place your baskets on the shelves in your closet or place them on separate corners of your room. Also, do not mix up everything in one storage basket to avoid creating another mess. Label your baskets if necessary to guide you.

Add Up Light

You are allowed to go all out in your closet space. Adding light to your closet will not only make it look cute and fancy but will also help you find your outfits more easily. Killing two birds with one stone. The best lights to use for your closet are led strip lights as they are energy-saving and come in a variety of colors for you to choose from. Closet lights can also light up the rest of your room.

Seek Professional Help

Not everyone has an eye for the little details when it comes to interior design. There are home improvement experts who can assist you through the whole process of redesigning your closet. There are events such as trade shows where you can get to meet these professional interior designers. We cannot talk of trade shows without mentioning A-plus expo who can help businesses plan for everything pertaining to a trade show, including acquiring trade show furniture.


We hope that this brief piece has given you a little insight into how to go about organizing your small closet. There are several more ways in which you can do this, and all of them depend on your expertise and financial capability. Apart from a few purchases you might have to make, most of these involve DIY items you are able to make in your home. Make this a fun task rather than a stressful activity.

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