Using the Law of Attraction for a Happy Home


Using the Law of Attraction for a Happy Home

Your home can be a sanctuary, a place for you to relax, recharge, and connect with others. You can use the law of attraction in many areas of life, including your home, to try to enhance positivity.

What is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction is the idea that you will attract into your life what you focus on, that “like attracts like” or “you’ll get back what you put out.” For instance, according to the law of attraction, if you focus on the good and positive in your life, you may attract more positive outcomes. The law of attraction has its believers and critics, but in general, positive thinking can be powerful, so you may consider giving it a try at home.

12 Ways to Use the Law of Attraction 

Back up positive thoughts with positive actions.

To achieve positive outcomes, you may need to act in addition to focusing on the positive. Simply focusing on the positive may not help you achieve the positive, so try channeling that positive energy into positive action. For example, if you want a more positive relationship, it may be helpful to visualize it, but it also may take some concrete effort on the part of you and your partner.

Focus on the good things in your life and home.

Even when things go wrong, try to find something positive that can come from the situation. 

Spend time with positive people and build positive relationships.

Attitude can be contagious. Spending time with those who have positive outlooks can motivate you to be more positive.

Practice gratitude.

Feeling thankful for what you have and for what is going right, even the small things, can improve your sense of optimism.

Reframe negative thoughts.

Rethinking negative thoughts can give you the motivation to take positive action. For example, instead of thinking “nobody is talking to me,” you might try taking action to open lines of communication. Instead of thinking “I’ll never get everything done around the house,” you might try coming up with realistic goals of how you can accomplish what you need or want to do. 

Picture your best future.

Envision your life going well and you may feel more positive in the present. You can also use dreams of your future to guide and motivate you.

Focus on your strengths.

Recognizing your strengths and consciously using them can help you achieve more positive outcomes.

Imagine what you would tell a loved one about how to be more positive.

The advice you would give someone else might be a good insight into how you can best help yourself.

Remember that you have power and choices.

You can choose to react differently, and you have the power to try new approaches and attitudes, for instance.

Work on problem-solving skills.

Instead of giving up, take positive actions to make things better.

Enjoy yourself.

Finding joy is a path to positivity.

Talk about your goals and dreams with those who support you.

Talking about what you want to do or achieve can be motivating. You can find strength and support through connections with others. 

Positive thinking and positive actions—even in the face of negative circumstances—can be building blocks to a happier, more fulfilling life at home.

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