Vacation Real Estate: 4 Fresh Ideas To Improve Your Rental Home For Summer

Vacation Real Estate 4 Fresh Ideas To Improve Your Rental Home For Summer

Many Americans have had a stressful year fraught with job insecurity, family issues, and other headaches due to the global pandemic. With the vaccine rollout underway, nearly 40% of Americans have already received their first dose… just in time for summer vacation!

Chances are, your vacation rental property has been the last thing on your mind during this chaotic time. However, American beachgoers are logging on to Airbnb even now to prepare for a much-needed respite after a difficult year. Is your vacation rental home ready to bring maximum comfort and peace to your guests?

The good news is, the vacation rental industry is thriving despite the pandemic, and many property owners are finding creative ways to make guests feel safe and at ease in their homes during these unprecedented times. Whether you’ve been renting your beach house out for decades or you’re simply considering the benefits of purchasing a vacation rental home, let’s discuss a few ideas that are sure to make your vacation rental property feel clean, safe, and comfortable for incoming guests this summer.

Invest Upfront In Repairs To Reduce Stress

While it may be tempting to do everything yourself in order to reap 100% of the profits, this will only frustrate and exhaust you in the long run. When you check on your vacation rental property after a long year of little or no use, you will surely need to invest in repairs.

Save yourself the headache of managing minor repairs yourself throughout the summer by hiring a professional to do them all upfront. For first-time real estate investors, this will reduce stress and minimize complaints from your future renters!

Refresh Linens To Create A Relaxing Atmosphere

Are your guest bedrooms weighed down by old, heavy comforters or plagued by a mountain of themed pillows? Have your sheets and towels seen better days? This might be the year to replace your linens and refresh the bedrooms in your vacation rental home.

Guests love fluffy towels, soft sheets, and a calm, streamlined design. You want to create a space that any guest can feel at peace, and that starts with neutral colors and clean lines. If your linens are beginning to look outdated or worse for the wear, consider investing in a new set in a pleasing neutral palette.

If you decide to keep all of your linens this year, consider sending them all to the laundromat for a quick fluff before the first guests of summer arrive.

Hire A Photographer To Show Off Your Hard Work

Did you know that most individuals who rent online view the listing photos as the largest selling point to click “book now?” According to a recent study by FastCompany, you have 20 seconds to catch guests’ attention before they keep scrolling to their next option.

You’ve invested time, effort, and money into making your vacation rental home a peaceful oasis for future guests. Don’t trip at the finish line by posting blurry, grainy, or poorly executed photos. Hire a professional photographer to capture the essence of your vacation home to attract more bookings and increase your profit this summer.

Maintain Landscaping To Create A Pleasing Outward Appearance

Interiors aren’t the only aspect of your rental home that likely needs a refresh! Maintaining the outward appearance of your vacation home is just as important as updating the inside. Give your exterior spaces some love by cleaning grills, swimming pools, fire pits, or any other outdoor feature that attracts renters to your property. Properly maintaining landscaping and caring for the patio furniture will go a long way in improving the space and pleasing guests.

Whether you’re an old pro preparing for another lucrative year of profits or a first-time property investor learning the ropes, freshening up your vacation rental home for summer is sure to foster an air of hospitality and turn casual renters into satisfied yearly guests. 

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