Varieties of Window Bird Feeders: Which One is Right for Your Home Birds?

Varieties of Window Bird Feeders

Learn everything you need to choose the right window bird feeder for your needs!

We have a special treat for all of you bird lovers out there. Today we are going to talk about something that all of you want to know but you didn’t have anyone to ask – window bird feeders for home.  We all love and admire these marvelous, colorful creatures. We enjoy hearing their wonderful song that arrives with the first spring days. etc.

But, some of us want to enjoy the possibility of observing and feeding different types of birds that visit our neighborhoods. Of course, whenever we talk about observing birds, some people ask us, “But don’t you have to go to the countryside for that?” Not necessarily! As we are sure plenty of you already know, bird watching is perfectly possible if you have a window bird feeder.

As bird lovers, we need to tell you window bird feeders are the best thing you can get when you want to attract birds to your yard or window. But, there is a variety of window bird feeders and when you are a beginner it can be challenging to know the differences and choose the best one for your needs. So, today we are going to discover what different types of window bird feeders are and how to choose a window bird feeder. Let’s begin!

Before Choosing the Window Bird Feeders

Plenty of you out there can think that you should just go and get the first bird feeder that you like! It would be nice that it is so simple. However, that is not the case. You need to think about several other things before getting your suction cup bird feeder or some other model that you like. Let’s see what they are.

Bird Food.

The main question you need to ask yourself is “Which birds do I want to attract?”. When you have an answer for that you can check out the food that this type of bird likes to eat. Keep in mind that bird food doesn’t always have to be cheap.

Protection from predators.

Depending on where you live there can be plenty of predators to birds.  Cats are known predators, for example, right? However, it may come as a surprise, squirrels are, too. Not that they are going to attack the birds, but they will be very excited about the chance to attack their food.  Okay, you may want to feed them as well, but independently. To protect the bird food, you should look for feeders made of materials like metal that squirrels can’t damage. Apart from that, you can look for feeders that will close when the squirrel steps on them.

Variety of Window Bird Feeders

Okay, now when that is clear let’s move on to see the best window bird feeders for home! You have to remember – there are plenty of different types of window bird feeders.  It was not possible that we talk about all of them for the purposes of this text. Hence we chose to describe four of them, to get you inspired whether you are looking for homemade window bird feeder ideas or something to buy.

Platform Feeders

These are the best window bird feeders for small birds, and ideal for people living in cities. It is one of our favorite feeders as it is super simple to make. Apart from that, it attracts ground-feeding birds such as doves, blackbirds, jays, etc., as well as birds that feed in trees. As we mentioned, you can easily make them by yourself. However, if you are not crafty, you can find them in shops. Whether you choose to make or buy you need to pay attention that your feeder comes with a screened bottom to ensure good drainage. Look for an option that comes with a removable bottom to be able to clean it easily.

Seed Hoop Catchers

Second, on our list of hoopers or window bird feeders with seed catchers, they provide excellent protection against rain and bird droppings. However, you still need to be careful because if the water enters the feeder and the food gets wet, there is a risk of the development of bacteria and fungus. In general, you can put a larger amount of seeds so birds can eat for days. That is practical for us, especially if we want to go out of town for a weekend. However, it can be dangerous for birds if the water enters inside, as we mentioned.  If you don’t want to feed the squirrels you need to put a baffle.  Keep in mind that they are harder to clean than platform feeders.  If you are looking for window bird feeders that look like flowers you should look for hoopers.

bird using suet feeder

Suet Cage Feeders

Those of you who want to feed your birds with suet are probably looking for a window bird feeder with a cage. Suet cages are made of durable metal wire.  Some models can hang independently, while others work best when attached to hoopers. It is the best option because birds can then choose whether they want to eat suet or seeds.  Suet cages usually come with tail props for woodpeckers.  Besides them, you will attract chickadees, wrens, nuthatches, etc.

Tube Feeders

Tube feeders are an excellent option because they keep food clean and dry.  If you have squirrels as frequent visitors look for models that come with metal feeding ports. With this kind of feeder, you will generally attract smaller birds such as sparrows, chickadees, etc., especially if the perches are under the feeding ports. Models with perches above the feeding ports are for birds that can eat while hanging upside down, like chickadees.

Varieties of Window Bird Feeders: Which One is Right for Your Home Birds?

Are Feeders Good for Your Home?

Many people wonder if window bird feeders are good for their home. The short answer to that question is, yes they are.  Bird feeding is beneficial both for birds and humans.  For example, feeders enable birds to have food during hard winters. They can also help them sustain their population, and shelter them. Apart from that, bird feeding allows us to connect with nature on a whole different level. It is an excellent hobby, especially if you have kids. And above all, observing birds and listening to their songs improves our mood.


That is all about the variety of window bird feeders for today, folks.  As you can see there are plenty of different models. Each of them has its advantages and downsides. The important thing is that you get informed about the features of the model that interests you before making a decision. Have you considered buying a window bird feeder? Tell us your experiences?

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