Verge Collection Vs Skip Bins

Verge Collection Vs Skip Bins

It’s that time of year when you’re likely thinking of doing a spring clean of your house, to reorganise and declutter your space. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by how much stuff you’ve accumulated – but what do you do with all the unwanted items and waste you need to dispose of?

Council-operated verge side collections are a great way of getting rid of some unwanted household items and clearing space in your home, but they only operate once or twice a year. You may be wondering if it’s worth waiting for the next verge side collection to clear out your old rubbish, or if you should bite the bullet and organise your own rubbish removal.

Hiring a skip bin is a super convenient option for those wanting to get rid of unwanted items and rubbish – and fast. If you’re trying to decide which is the best option for you, check out this quick pros and cons list: verge collection vs skip bins.

Verge Collection Pros

Cost: The price of verge side collections are included in council rates (which homeowners pay regardless of if they use this service or not), so it doesn’t feel like an upfront cost.

Convenient: Verge side collections are a good way of getting rid of a small amount of unwanted household items, such as old furniture or electrical goods. If the scheduled dates for verge side collection align with the time you are clearing out your house, it’s even better.

Green waste: Many councils have dedicated green waste collections, which are a handy reminder to get out there and get on top of your gardens before the scheduled date.

Skip Bin Pros

Commercial: While verge side collections are only for residential properties, skip bins can be hired for both commercial and industrial sites, too. If you need to clear out rubbish at your worksite, a skip bin is the only way to go. Likewise, if you need a long-term rubbish removal option for a worksite, skip bins are the best option for you.

Size: You can choose to hire the size of skip bin that you need. If you select the right size, you aren’t limited by the maximum amount of waste accepted.

Versatility: Most items are accepted in skip bins, so you can dispose of everything you need to. If you’re unsure, the people who rent out the skip bins will always be happy to answer your questions about what’s accepted, and the correct way to dispose of certain materials.

Recycling: Dedicated skip bin companies are responsible for ensuring that everything that can be recycled, is recycled. This offers you peace of mind, knowing you’re making a good choice for the environment.

Planning: If you’re building, or have renos coming up, planning ahead to hire a skip bin is much more convenient than waiting for a verge side collection, and wondering if your building waste will even be accepted.

Verge Collection Vs Skip Bins

Verge Collection Cons

Timing: Most councils only organise verge side collections once or twice a year, so you may have to wait a long time with unwanted items taking up precious room in your house or garage while you wait for the next collection.

Accepted items: Not everything is accepted in a verge side collection. This can change from council to council, but in general items like car parts, batteries, general domestic rubbish, and hazardous waste (including asbestos) are not accepted. If your council has a separate green waste collection service, green waste will not be accepted during the residential bulk collection.

Size limits: Not only is there a limit to how much you can put out on the verge (usually around three cubic metres, depending on your council), there is also a limit to the size and weight of the items. Items can’t be longer than 1.5m, and have to be light enough for two people to responsibly lift.

Residential only: These bulk verge side collections are for residential properties only, so items won’t be collected from industrial or commercial sites. In addition, items will not be collected from vacant blocks or any properties that don’t have regular trash service.

Eyesore: Having rubbish and unwanted items stacked on the front verge can look unsightly, especially if your council gives you a date range for collection, rather than a specified day. If you are trying to sell your home or have important guests coming to visit, you may not want rubbish piled up on your front verge for an indeterminable amount of time until it’s collected.

Skip Bin Cons

Cost: Whilst there are certainly competitive prices out there (it’s worth shopping around for the best quote), there is an associated upfront cost with hiring a skip bin.

The Verdict

Unless you only have a very small amount of waste to get rid of, and you align it perfectly with your council scheduled collection, it’s likely you’d benefit from hiring a skip bin. Whether you are in the market for industrial or domestic skip bins, it’s an effective and convenient way of disposing of rubbish, waste and unwanted items. You can choose when to have the skip bin delivered, how long you need it for, and what size best suits your needs, making it a super convenient option.

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