Vertical Gardening Vs Eco Walls How to Choose

Vertical Gardening Vs Eco Walls How to Choose

Today, architects and builders are well aware of the significance of inserting greenery and natural elements within a building’s interior and outdoors to create a sense of well-being. The natural green plants purify the air and make the space come alive. Eco walls and vertical gardening are successfully incorporated to add value and beauty to the interiors.

When you take care of your patio furniture, take a good look at the interior and walls of your house or building. Are they sufficiently green or eco-friendly? Which is better, Vertical Gardening or Eco Walls? Well, read on to find out the answers.

Vertical Garden Systems

These gardens are relatively new and are known as living walls or green walls. One often comes across green facades across the walls or the interiors attached to the building. Those vines and climbers are grown in conventional soil or a nutrient-delivery system to create the impression of a vertical garden or a wall. Vertical gardens are used for ornamental and decorative purposes as well as to keep the interiors cool or for food production.

However, special consideration needs to be kept in mind when designing vertical garden systems in colder climates. Those panels with plant material will need special protection to avoid any winter damage, or the greenery will just go dormant.

Eco Walls

Eco walls are fast gaining momentum due to the rising awareness of climate change and the green movement across the world. Eco style is the modern trend in interior design where the emphasis is on us using natural materials for making the walls and interiors of the building. Simplicity and a minimalist approach with eco-friendly materials allow one to feel more pleasant and comfortable about their surroundings. Going eco means choosing natural material for the walls, their paint, and the lighting that goes with it.

With the modern-day world buzzing with words such as sustainability and eco-friendly, it is no wonder to see the architects and designers exploring the options of vertical gardening and eco walls. These options are environmentally beneficial and a great way to incorporate nature into households and make them a part of your home.

When comparing the two, both are beneficial and have their pros and cons. Vertical gardening can make the whole wall look fresh and green with the right choice of plants, while Eco walls look, function, and breathe with minimum impact on nature. However, it can be expensive to maintain vertical gardens because of the costs involved and elaborate maintenance. One needs to spend more time, money, and effort on fabrication, installation, plantation, and drip irrigation.

In contrast, it is easier to put up an eco-wall with the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, clay, and more. Natural materials have some distinctive features that are conducive to relaxation and make an environmentally friendly interior. The cost and maintenance will depend on the type of material one is looking for.

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