Wall Design Ideas That Make a House a Home

Wall Design Ideas That Make a House a Home

Staring at a blank wall can cause you to feel overwhelmed and the same goes when searching for wall design ideas. There are many decorating ideas for a wall and transform it into a beautiful area that fits your decorating tastes. I’m currently in the beginning stages of decorating plans for our future home. Many elements go into decorating a home. And, that makes it overwhelming at times.

Let’s face it, no one wants to live in a house with blank, bland walls. Nor, does one won’t regret their choices later on. So, I’ve put together these decorating ideas for walls I think will help.

A Fresh Canvas

Always start with a fresh canvas. The fastest way to improve any wall’s appearance is a fresh coat of paint. Fresh paint covers up imperfections and gives you a clean place to begin. If you don’t have a specific color in mind, try choosing neutral colors such as tan or gray that can go with many things.

Consider the moods of colors before you paint. Peaceful colors, like a soft blue or green, can turn in a boring room into a cozy and relaxing space.

Filling A Large Space

If you have a large space to fill, you have many options. Large mirrors can open up a room and give your wall a finished look. Large artwork or family photos can also warm a space and give it a special touch.

Wall map murals, like the fabulous ones from https://www.photowall.co.uk/wall-murals/maps-flags/world-maps,  cover a large space while including your love of travel to your living space. These murals work well in both living rooms or bedrooms creating a statement without needing to include a lot of decorations on the wall. These are especially neat if you want to include some memorabilia from your travels on the adjacent walls.

There’s no reason you need to keep your travel memories stuck in a box or photo album.  You could even “pin” locations you’ve visited right on the wall.

Use Family Photos

Other nice wall design ideas include using family photos. Try framing them in similar frames and making a wall collage using the framed photos. Nothing decorates a space better than pictures of those you love. For an artistic look, have the photos printed in black and white. They’ll all coordinate even though they are all very different. Mix in other wall decorations like a large saying wall sign, wall sconces, or a floral swag. I’ve even seen some great ideas for creating a family tree with photos on Pinterest.

Use Objects as Art

Interesting objects can also make beautiful wall art. For example, hanging a large musical instrument can add a very elegant piece to your room. A beautiful rug can also be made into a wall hanging. And, also, quilts make because additions to wall design ideas. They not only fill the wall but add a lot of dramatic accent to the room depending on the design and fabrics used. Plus, they are great at softening the sound in a room.

Add Style with Stencils

Stencils have been used to paint on decorative designs to walls for centuries. Some stencils are simple, tasteful, and I might say usually surprisingly easy to use. Whereas others are more complicated, using several layers of design, to create breath-taking murals.  Stencils aren’t just for country primitive home decorating but have advanced to include designs for farmhouse, boho, and modern home decor designs.


Don’t let your blank walls overwhelm you. Start by looking for inspiration taking notice of what feelings each idea stirs up in you. Talk with your family and friends to get their feedback, especially from those living with you. Their input is especially an important part when choosing wall design ideas. If you are hampered by the overwhelming task, begin simply with one thing. And, then you can build around it gradually.  You don’t have to be an expert, these wall decorating ideas can get you started on personalizing your space.

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