Wallpaper for a Teenage Girl’s Room: How to Choose the Best

Wallpaper for a Teenage Girl's Room:  How to Choose the BestTeens are a wonderful and exciting time of life: you get to know the world and search for your own individuality. Most young ladies strive to add a bright, original and creative touch to their room’s interior. Particular attention should be paid to the kids’ room wallpaper, which largely determines the overall style of the room. Using our advice, you can create a truly unique world for your Princess, the world that is cozy, cheerful and inspiring.

Wallpaper for a girl vs. a teenager girl: the main differences

Psychologists say a teenager’s room should be designed with their age characteristics and personal preferences in mind. Prints with fabulous fairies and cartoon characters will no longer seem relevant, while the “adult” wall decor feels boring to girls. Teenagers love experimenting, so it is better to order wallpaper for a kid’s room with an unusual plot, drawing style or original texture.

When you are young, the body continually experiences active restructuring often associated with emotional instability. The pastel color of the walls, such as pink, beige, pale blue, silver or gold, light lilac, etc. will help optimize the space. Photo wallpapers with a cool theme can become a bright stylistic accent in the children’s room. Depending on the size, they can occupy the entire front wall or part of it.

The wallpaper for a girl in a small, neutral print would be suitable to serve as the main cover topped with stars, animals, clouds, flowers, bows, balloons, stripes or polka dots. A variety of abstraction looks appropriate and is a universal solution for a modern interior. The color and style of the wall covering should be in harmony with the furniture and textiles in the room. Today’s manufacturers offer an impressive variety of wallpapers for children: https://art-oboi.com.ua/oboi-v-detskuyu. Ideally, if you opt to involve the owner of the room in the selection process.

Popular teenage and children’s wallpapers: an overview of trends

The teenager’s tastes are largely formed under the influence of movies, computer games, and popular music. At the same time, every child is a unique individual, with their own interests and views of the world. A wide variety of assortment helps you choose the best wallpaper for a girl, keeping in mind her needs and wants.

Here are the most popular solutions:

  • Creative: children’s wallpapers in modern styles (épatage pop art, graffiti). Bright images will cheer you up and make you want to move.
  • Abstraction: mysterious fractals and endless labyrinths catch the eye and enchant. 3D images have a magical appeal, seem voluminous and create the personal presence effect.
  • Romance: wallpaper for the kid’s room with charming animals (cats, foxes, owls, cubs) will appeal to poetic natures. Canvases with amazing landscapes will add additional charm to the interior.
  • Symbolism: such wallpaper in the kid’s room will help a teenager show their individuality and “visualize” their innermost dreams. Prints with hearts, starry sky images, favorite characters of computer games and films are especially popular.

The “Art-Wallpaper” online store catalog will open up for you several hundred relevant proposals for decorating a teenager’s room. Romantic themes, driving prints for active girls, wallpaper “with humor” and “with meaning” will decorate the room of your beloved girl, give her comfort and a good mood!

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