Wallpaper Ideas for Nursery Wall Murals

By using wall coverings, you can achieve instant, affordable designer looks that are sure to bring a unique personality to your space. The best part is that it’s easy to install and remove wall murals, so you are free to change your design anytime the creative mood strikes or switch it up as your child’s interests grow more mature.

Below are ideas for decorating baby’s nursery:

Where the Wild Ones Live

Jungle themes are a popular and cute way to add a lot of personality to your baby’s room. To create an interesting backdrop, paint walls a muted green and apply a border or wall mural of leafy wallpaper. Then add friendly-looking lion, hippo, elephant, or giraffe animal decals to fully create an adorable jungle scene your babies are sure to love.

Little Allstar

For all the sports-loving parents out there, by adding wall murals that your future little all star is sure to love is a great way to decorate the nursery. Whether you’re a soccer, baseball or surfing fan, start your baby’s love for the game early by surrounding them with sports-themed wall coverings.

Medieval Times

If you’re a little more into fantasy themes, a wall mural depicting a castle in the clouds may be just what you’re looking for. For girls, you can add feminine colors or floral wallpaper that are perfect for little princesses. As for little boys, add a mystical doorway that opens into the unknown.

Baby Einstein

Researches have long held that high contrast patterns are good for baby’s brains. It helps them focus and increase their attention span, thereby also increasing their ability to learn. If this sounds perfect for your little Einstein, use black and white or red and white patterned wall murals, such as circles and checkerboards, to decorate your nursery. Wall decals should be hung where it can be viewed for a least a few minutes every day, and relatively close to the baby’s face, such as above your changing table or crib. If you have an idea in mind, create a custom wall mural of your design to help get your baby’s brain thinking.

Wallpaper isn’t just for your grandmother’s house anymore. Wallpapering is making a comeback and its not really surprising. With so many stunning wallpaper prints and designs out there, the options are endless. A fun wallpaper can take your baby’s nursery from average to amazing.

No matter what style you choose, quality Zen wall murals will transform your nursery from a blank canvas to one with personality and style.

– Choose fun, friendly themes like under the sea, jungle safari, classic Peter Rabbit and friends, and more.

– Add an extra special touch and personalize a wallpaper mural with your Baby’s name.

– Design a space your little one can grow into with playful animal print patterns, abstract watercolors, or a world map.

– Give baby sweet dreams with a ceiling mural of fluffy clouds or starry night sky.


Zen wall murals are very good for for babies and it makes them to be a lot smarter and happier. You can easily and quickly install a mural wallpaper, it also reduces stress level and updates  the bedroom with a meditation mural to design a calming space that encourages quality sleep.

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