Warning Signs Of Mice Infestation You Shouldn’t Ignore

Warning Signs Of Mice Infestation You Shouldn’t Ignore

Having a mice infestation at your home is a daunting prospect. But the risk runs high because there are many places in an average Australian house where these pesky rodents can find food and shelter. To make things worse, they stay hidden during the day, and you may end up with an infestation when you least expect it. Being watchful about the slightest signs of infestation can help you detect it early and address the issue before major damage to your health and property. Here are the warning signs you should never ignore.


If you notice droppings around the house, there are chances of rodent infestations. The most common places where you can spot them are hidden areas, under sinks, in drawers or cupboards, and near food packages. You can expect mice to be nesting or feeding around these places. Fresh droppings are moist and dark, and they indicate that you have an active infestation.

Foul odor

A strange, foul odor in your living space is the first indication of something being amiss. Your pet dog or cat may become excited in areas of rodent presence because they can pick the odor before you do. Look around the area, and you will probably find a mouse or other signs of its presence. An ongoing stale smell in a specific part of your living space is a reason to worry because it often indicates a large infestation.

Gnaw marks

Mice and rats often leave gnaw marks on the furniture and food packaging as they tend to scratch these surfaces. Newer gnaw marks are lighter in color and indicate that you have lurking pests in the house. Homeowners in Sydney recommend that you must call professionals for Mice Control Sydney when you see such marks. They will usually become visible if you have rodents in large numbers. Larger gnaw marks are even more disconcerting because they indicate the presence of rats.

Nests and tracks

If you notice nests and tracks hidden in your living space, you must take quick action. Mice prefer materials like newspapers and fabrics to create and line their nesting spaces because these materials are easy to shred. Check lofts, cavity walls, suspended ceilings, behind large appliances, and under floorboards for nests. You may even find young mice in them. Look around for tracks and tail marks in dusty areas like basements and lofts.

Scratching noises

Pests don’t always indicate their presence with visible warning signs. You can hear them around the unused and hidden areas of your living space. Mice are most active at night, and you can feel their presence by hearing unusual scratching noises from basements and lofts. They may even be audible between partition walls, in false ceilings, and under floorboards. Keep track of these sounds and get the house checked by an exterminator if you hear them often.

Mice infestations require early intervention because waiting too long can land you in trouble. They can damage your furniture and cause health issues for the residents. It is vital to keep track of the earliest signs and eliminate the invisible enemies right away.

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