What to Consider When Buying a Washing Machine

What to Consider When Buying a Washing Machine

Buying a washing machine can be a difficult task, especially with the number of models, sizes, and styles available on the market. Every household has different laundry requirements, and a washing machine is no small purchase.

Therefore, it’s important to assess your needs and research which machines will best meet your needs before investing your money in one.

The following are some of the factors you should consider before buying a washing machine.

Type of Washing Machine

Before narrowing down models by functionality and features, you must first choose the type of washing machine you want. Both front-load and top-load washing machines have their advantages and disadvantages and looking over these and choosing one is one of the most important decisions you have to make. While top-load washing machines are easy to use and don’t require too much maintenance, front-load washing machines are more efficient but need more care.

Size and Capacity

Washing machines are large appliances and can take up a lot of room. Before purchasing a washing machine, it’s important to check its dimensions and see if it will fit in the space you’ve allocated for it. If you’re short on space, a front-load machine may be a better option to stack your dryer on top of it or use the top surface for other purposes.

Washing machine capacities range from less than 5 kg to more than 18 kg. Capacity requirements depend on the number of people in your household and the frequency with which you do your laundry. If you plan to do a lot of laundry, capacity is an important consideration. Smaller washing machines will require multiple wash cycles to do the same amount of laundry.

Energy Efficiency

Some washing machines are more energy-efficient than others and can offer savings on both water and electricity bills. All washing machines show energy ratings that you can compare. However, it’s important to make sure you compare stats between machines that offer the same capacity since larger machines will show more stars because there is more energy saved in larger loads.

Drum Material

The drum can be made from a number of materials, including porcelain-enamel, plastic, or stainless steel. Enamel, although more affordable, is susceptible to rusting and chipping and isn’t as long-lasting as other options. Stainless steel is a popular option because it is long-lasting and can withstand high spin speeds.

Washing Modes

This is one of the most important features to take into consideration so that you can wash all types of clothes without running into any complications. Along with different temperature settings, check for options for different materials and intensities. If you prefer quick loads, look out for “fast wash” cycles.


As a rule of thumb, front-load machines tend to be louder than top-load machines because of their faster spin speeds. Depending on where your machine is located, noise can be an important factor to consider when buying a washing machine. If your machine is close to your living room, noise mitigation will be more important than if your laundry room was in the basement.

Therefore, whether you’re browsing the washing machine range at Gimmie or simply thinking about replacing your current washing machine, these are factors that you must take into consideration before making a purchase.


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