Ways On Keeping Your Trees Healthy Throughout The Year

Ways On Keeping Your Trees Healthy Throughout The Year

It’s nice being surrounded by matured healthy trees on your property. They don’t only add beauty and shade. It also increases your property value, depending on its placing and type. Trees are also considered to be a long-term investment for your home’s landscape. One way to keep your trees healthy is to set a regular schedule with professional tree services such as greensborotreeservices.net to detect tree problems immediately.

Aside from that, tree service Greensboro has also listed several things you can do to keep your trees healthy throughout the year and gain the benefits it provides.

Do not do too much for the trees

You actually do not need to exert too much effort taking care of full-grown trees because they can pretty much fend themselves. Doing too much maintenance for your trees may cause some irreplaceable damage. Look at those matured beautiful trees standing for centuries. They did not have a lot of primping to stay as wonderful they are now.

Be careful when you dig

Construction projects that involve heavy machinery are one of the biggest reasons why mature trees die. Most mature trees have a vast root system. It is, in fact, wider than their branches.

If workers mistakenly dig on its roots, it would cause root damage. So before any contraction projects, it is essential to schedule an expert tree service to inspect the vicinity of the tree and put some markings to avoid potential root damage. Mark-off areas is often 10 feet away from the tree’s drip line.

Do not park your car under the tree

Parking your vehicle underneath a tree can be very beneficial for you but not for the tree. Over some time, the soil will be compacted, which will eventually kill the tree. Before this happens, it’s better to look for another parking space.

Whack in a careful manner

Whacking weeds or mowing should be done carefully, on some occasions, you might also find yourself nicking the bark of the tree. It might look like doing so isn’t that big of a deal, but it can actually make the tree weak and susceptible to diseases.

Mulch on a regular basis

Regular mulching around the bottom of the tree comes with many benefits, it helps protects trees from lawn equipment, keeps your soil moist, and suppresses the weeds. Apply around 1-4 inches of bark chips, dried autumn leaves, straw, pine needles, and other types of mulch. The mulch should be placed an inch or two staring from the trunk of the tree extending until the drip line.

Do not over-fertilize and overwater the trees

Matured trees require little assistance when it comes to their food and water. Overfertilization and overwatering trees can cause serious damage to trees. They can also be damaged by applying herbicide on your lawn or garden. The best way to know how to take care of your matured trees properly is to ask your professional tree service technicians.

Do not overly prune your trees

Tree pruning is the process of removing branches that are damaged, crowded, and dead. To avoid excessively pruning or trimming your trees, keep in mind the necessary branches that should be taken off because, if not, it can damage your trees.

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