Ways to Increase Storage Space in Your Home

Ways to Increase Storage Space in Your Home

With the soaring real estate prices, it’s become a challenge to find a home with sufficient storage space for you and your family’s needs. It seems like there’s never enough area for you and your things, while there’s always clutter in the rooms of your house. What you can do is to maximize the space that’s available to you by being smart about the furniture and fixtures you install in your home. Be purposeful about each one and make sure that they offer the function you want. Here are some ways St Louis Management recommends you to increase storage space in your home:

1. Maximize Vertical Space

A lot of people forget to take advantage of the height of their houses to add more storage options. The area between your floor and ceiling is prime real estate, which you should maximize to accommodate your household’s needs.

One excellent idea is to install custom floating shelves for your home to serve as a place to keep anything you want, from books, picture frames, to plates. These fixtures support your items through wall brackets and screws, so just be mindful that you don’t place heavy things on them.

Another way to maximize vertical space is to hang your stuff. For your kitchen, you can install a rack to hang your pots and pans above the countertop or stove. Not only does this framework add extra storage for your utensils, but it also facilitates ease and economy of movement in your cooking area.

Other items that can double as decorations when you hang them include your mugs, jewelry, hats, and scarves.

2. Watch Out for Unused Areas

If you look closely around your home, you’ll find that there are lots of areas with the potential for storage but remain unused for some reason. You can put shallow shelves behind doors to take advantage of that idle part of the fixture.

You may also have walls with unusual angles, which automatically creates additional space where you can place cabinets or racks. Just make sure that you don’t obstruct the corridor with these installments.

Those living in two or three-story houses can check the area under the stairs and evaluate how they can maximize that particular space. You can put racks or mount shelves to hold a considerable number of items.

These are a few potential storage areas that you may have overlooked:

  • Above Your Wardrobe – If you see a little space above your cabinets, you can install hooks and brackets to store your bags and other small-sized items.
  • Below Kitchen Shelves – Often, there’s ample space beneath kitchen cabinets or frames to add another shelf for smaller things like glasses, saucers, and cutlery.
  • Beneath the Sink – Find a cabinet and alter it a bit to fit your sink snugly so that you have instant storage space for your tiny guest bathroom.
  • Between Two Cabinets – You can take advantage of the structure of these fixtures and use them as pillars to hold shelves and racks for a makeshift storage space in-between.

3. Install Pull-Outs

If you’re serious about taking advantage of every nook and cranny in your home, you should install pull-outs for potential storage spaces. This type of fixture is characterized by wheels that facilitate the pulling out movement.

The best example is pull-outs under the bed, which are ideal for keeping blankets, comforters, and pillowcases. You can find different sizes for this fixture to accommodate the spaces available in your home, as well as your storage needs.

4. Find Double-Duty Furniture

Look for furniture that multi-task. It may be a bed or couches that opens up and doubles as storage space for your clothes or bed sheets. Another excellent idea is countertops with a built-in cabinet where you can keep glasses, plates, and other kitchen utensils.

5. Add Storage through Bags

If you have large suitcases in your storage room, take advantage of the extra space inside by putting in your seasonal clothes and other items that you don’t always use. This way, you hit two birds with one stone by freeing up the clutter in your home and providing your things with a structured home.


Maximizing storage space in your home doesn’t need to entail hefty costs and substantial effort. You just have to be wise about the process by maximizing vertical space and looking for unused areas with potential.

Take advantage of pull-outs, double-duty furniture, and suitcases to add more places where you can store your belongings. Often, you just need to be more purposeful in looking for storage spaces that are overlooked in your home.

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