Ways to Keep Yourself Safe in a Dangerous Neighborhood


Ways to Keep Yourself Safe in a Dangerous Neighborhood

Many people will have found themselves having to live in an unfavorable location for a host of reasons throughout life. Be that as a result of moving to a new job, financial setbacks, or a lack of research before a move.

Nobody should feel unsafe in their own home but living in a dangerous neighborhood can make for an incredibly uncomfortable time.

If you feel as though this might apply to your current circumstances, there is no need to panic, as there are ways you can keep yourself safe and work towards putting your mind at ease.

Park as Close to the Front Door as You Can

Walking the streets alone at night after a particularly taxing day at work can leave you feeling vulnerable, even if there is nothing, in reality, to worry about.

Saving yourself the walk by parking as close to the front door as possible can help you negate some of these uncomfortable feelings if you are feeling tired and insecure.

Regarding keeping your car secure, a steering wheel lock can often offer you extra protection in the unfortunate event someone tries to steal your vehicle.

Keep Your Phone Charged

Even if you have not found yourself in any immediate danger, your phone can offer you a source of companionship should you need to call a friend or a family member. Sometimes, simply knowing someone is looking out for you, no matter where they are in the world, can be enough to give you extra confidence when you need it.

Install an Anti-Loitering Alarm

If your street is often a hangout for intimidating groups who cause property damage or vandalize the area, it might be worth thinking about installing an anti-loitering alarm on your property. Mosquito Loitering Solutions have some great options to consider if this sounds like it would fit your current needs.

This can be a fantastic way to deter people from gathering without having to put yourself directly in harm’s way.

Remove Valuables from View

Displaying your valuables in full view of anyone who happens to be walking by is likely a bad idea.

Making sure to remove valuables from your cars, such as radios, bags, and change can also help to prevent the chance of theft.

You may want to think about investing in some blinds that completely block the view of the inside of your home from your street.

Be Mindful

Making yourself aware of your surroundings in any given situation is crucial in helping you to make the right decisions at the moment.

You might even want to think about tuning in to the local news or following the social media pages of the local authorities to make sure there is no risk in your area, and it is safe to travel.

Added Door and Window Security

If you live in a rented home, it can be difficult or even impossible to make upgrades without the landlord’s permission. However, there are ways around this, as you might want to invest in some extra locks for your windows and doors.

These can come in the form of detachable, sliding locks that offer you that extra bit of security if you should need them.

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