Ways to Organise a Messy Closet

organise a messy closet

It’s frustrating to have a messy closet. When you’re looking for an outfit to wear, you will have a hard time. You might even think that you already lost some of your clothes. It helps if you start to organise a messy closet so that you won’t feel annoyed each time you decide what to wear. These tips will help you as you organise it.

Ways to Organise a Messy Closet

Add another clothes bar

Folding your clothes might take time. If you don’t want to do it, you can just add more clothes bars. It’s easy to hang your clothes right away. You can also easily find them.

Separate the shoes

When you begin to have a large shoe collection due to your shopping addiction, you need separate storage for the shoes. You can’t combine them with the closet for your clothes since they will make things messier.

Install hooks

You might also have scarves, belts and other accessories. It’s not easy to organise them in your closet. If you install hooks, it’s easier for you to keep the items in place. You can also quickly pull them out when needed.

Let go of seasonal clothes

When the seasons change, your wardrobe should also look different. It means that you have to let go of the clothes that you won’t be using for a specific season. You can keep them in a separate storage room. You can take them out later when needed.

Learn folding techniques

If you watched Marie Kondo’s show on tidying up your home, you probably saw a lot of folding techniques for clothes. She taught a lot of ways to guarantee that you can fit huge clothes in a small closet. When you learn these folding techniques, the closet becomes tidier. Organising them will also be easier.

Keep jewellery in a drawer

You can also store jewellery in a drawer if you want to guarantee it won’t get lost. You can lock the drawer so you’re the only one with access to it. Picking clothes and accessories at the same time won’t be difficult when you do this strategy.

Label the closet

You can also label the different sections of your closet so you will find it easy to organise everything. You won’t get confused about where you placed your stuff. You can decide whether to group things according to colour, purpose, or size.

Customise the closet

You might want to consider bespoke fitted wardrobes. In doing so, you can determine how many panels to have, or if you need several drawers. You can also decide the size of the closet depending on the need. It will cost you more than traditional choices, but they’re a lot better. You can have a closet that makes it easy for you to organise your things and hold them in one area.

Given these tips, you will no longer suffer from having a messy closet. You won’t have a hard time finding what you need. You will even feel excited as you start to mix and match your outfit for the day.

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