Ways to Revamp Your Home: Get a New House Without Having to Move

Sometimes in life we are in need of a change. As daunting as change can be, it is often exciting and usually has positive results. The repetitiveness of getting up, going to work, getting back to the same house, the same rituals each day can become a bit tedious. Some may inflict huge changes, moving to a different country for example. As romantic as this can be, it’s just not always feasible. We’ve compiled some ways you can alter you home to give it that fresh new and exciting feel, without actually having the fuss of moving out. Coming home can become fun again. Getting out your car and looking at the new work that has been designed by you, and being in an environment that’s got it’s spark back, will give you your spark back too. Let’s start with exterior.

Love your lawn

The benefits of nature are powerful. Unfortunately, in our busy lives, we often don’t get to reap these. Rejuvenating your front lawn (or creating one altogether if you don’t have one) can add a luscious look to your home, as well as giving you the chance to bring nature to you.

Get some grass in if you don’t already. If you do and it is a bit dead and lifeless, then re-turf it! Pick some of your favorite plants and trees to line the lawn with, and be as creative as you want. You can buy trees already grown, for that instant aesthetic.

Why not get some greenery growing up your house? If you want something more subtle, your drive can be edited too. Cobbles or a brighter shade of gravel/stone can have more of an effect than you might think.

Raise the roof

Changing your roof can add a new lease of life to your home. WDR Roofing Company can help make this process a quick and easy one. They also have a range of modern and attractive roofing materials on offer.

Take a look at your roof next time you get the chance – it’s probably shabbier than you realize. You can change the material of your roof to complement your new lawn. How about opting for some contemporary green roofing? WDR Roofing can also offer this material to give your house a unique look.

Step inside…

Walls and floors

Changing the color of the walls and material of the floors can transform your house without having to do anything too drastic. Pale shades work best for walls as it adds a brightness to the inside of your home. Dark and saturated shades can sometimes be a bit intense for a relaxing atmosphere. If you have carpets, switch to floorboards and vice versa.

Choose neutral shades for carpets. Add some arty rugs for floorboards to add some personality to a room. If your walls are cluttered think about what is important to stay on there, and make family photos just part of one section (it’s good feng shui!).


This doesn’t need much explaining. De-cluttering is powerful for your outside and inside world. It’s too easy to keep a lot of stuff you don’t need. This is also a cost-free process that can give you an excuse to spend some quality time with family, without screens.

Throwing out old articles like lamps, chairs and pillows and swapping them with something more refreshing can be a simple yet effective way to vamp up your living space.

Back outside…

Add a new dimension to your back yard

We’ve touched upon how important outside spaces can be for us. Especially in summer months. You don’t have to tear your yard apart to make it a nice new space to chill out in. You could add some decking with a table and chair set. Think egg chairs and bohemian sofas. Adding focal attractions like ponds, flowered archways and even some outdoor lights are all beneficial ways of renewing your back yard.

Spending a little time considering how each room inside your house (and in the area surrounding it) can be switched up can make your property feel like a whole new home. It doesn’t have to cost much! Have fun with it and eventually you’ll have a lovely new living space to enjoy.

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