What Are The Best Art Prints To Have In Your House?

What Are The Best Art Prints To Have In Your House?

Do you know what the best art prints to have in your house are? We all know that art is an integral part of home decorating, but it can be challenging when it comes down to finding the perfect piece for your space. Art prints are a great way to bring your personality and style into your house, but knowing what art pieces will work best for you. Luckily, we’ve done some research and found out which parts will work best in various settings! This blog post will help you pick out the perfect art print that fits the look and feel of your living space.

Choose a print that matches your style and personality

Are you a country person? Prints with floral and patriotic themes would be perfect for your home. Maybe you love nature and natural earth tones? It would be best if you considered art prints that have these characteristics. As we’ve said, art prints are the perfect way to display your personality in the house. If you like things minimalistic and straightforward, you may want to find art prints that are minimalistic in style.

Decide what room your print will go in

When looking for the perfect piece of art, consider the space it will be displayed in. Art prints can have a different feel depending on where they’re hung, so choose wisely! If you’re decorating a room with a more casual style, it would be best to find art prints with a more fundamental and straightforward feel. However, if you want to add some sophistication to your home, you should consider picking out art pieces that look formal and elegant. This step is crucial when choosing the perfect piece for your house. If you’re not sure where something should go, it is best to leave it out for the time being. Decide if you want a single piece hung somewhere or an entire collection, so when you find your prints, they will be displayed perfectly from there on out!

Try hanging art in different rooms

It can be hard to tell if a piece will look good unless you hang it up. Try putting artwork in other rooms before making your final decision. You can do this by pegging the art to your walls and seeing what looks best. If possible, try arranging the print with several other options so you can see how it works with your home.

Make sure the colour of the print is appropriate for your space

If you are in doubt, it is always better to choose a darker tone. A lighter tone can make the room look smaller, thus creating an uncomfortable atmosphere. On the other hand, too dark prints will make the space feel smaller, which may be the opposite of what you are looking for if your room is already small.

Make sure that your art print colour matches the room’s colour

Using a standard paint chip is the best way to do this. Although, if you have a quick look at your paint chips, you can find that they offer tones from cool tones (blue-based) and warm tones (red-based), avoid choosing prints that are the opposite of your wall colour.

Once you have found your art print, you can move on to displaying it!

Proper display:

You want the art that you have chosen to be displayed in a way that makes it look intentional. When hanging up your collection, consider how many rows of prints are appropriate for your space, what size framers Melbourne needs, and where each piece should go. You may also want to organize the prints by colour, size, or subject.

Putting your art prints on display is just the first step in creating a cohesive collection! So many people like to unify their artwork with gallery walls. It is an easy way to tie everything together and develop a sense of flow between each piece.

Different Spaces:

Depending on your living space, you might have additional requirements when it comes to what kind of art print will work best. The only way to know for sure is to experiment with various pieces until you find one that works! Here are some ideas on where and how you can use your points:

  • Entryway – hang up above the bench or table for a quirky, personal touch.
  • Living Room – try hanging above the couch or in between pieces of furniture. These prints can also be suitable for an accent wall behind the TV!
  • Dining Room – if you’re looking to create a timeless look, try putting your art print on display with words. It is an excellent option for your living space or a large kitchen that acts as the main room of your house.
  • Kiddos Room – add personality to their walls by putting up an art print with their favourite character! Whether it’s on their wall, on a door, or a bookshelf, kids will love having something fun and unique to show their friends.
  • Study – a classic print of famous writing makes for a perfect addition to your study or office space. From Shakespeare to Hemingway, there are lots of options available!

Pick a size that will fit on the wall without taking up too much space

The best art prints are traditionally sized pieces of art that work well on your wall but don’t take up too much space. If you plan to have the photo in a particular setting, look at the room measurements and think about where you will be hanging it. You want to pick out an art piece that looks appropriate for the space but isn’t so big that it overpowers the room. A great size for art prints is 18 x 24 inches. It will look good in most rooms of your house, and it is the standard print size, meaning you can easily hang it on your wall without spending too much time or money to get an appropriate frame.

Customize and rethink

Hang artwork in high-traffic areas, such as hallways and kitchens, to make them more attractive. Use art prints as decoration for parties or gatherings by adding extra frames around them. There are many different styles of art prints, so it’s up to you to decide what type best suits the interior design of your home. Framed prints are more expensive, but they last longer than posters because frames protect them from fading or becoming damaged over time. If you’re looking for something high-quality, then go with canvases instead because they’re made out of durable materials like wood or metal, which makes them more permanent than other types of framed prints


Art prints are a great way to bring life into your space, but knowing which ones will work best for you. But you are ready to choose and arrange your art prints in an interesting way around the house.

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