What Are The Best Types Of Epoxy Flooring

What Are The Best Types Of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring has become more and more popular these days. They are used for commercial floors, industrial flooring, and even residential floor coating. This is because more and more people are learning about the extensive benefits of coating floors with one of the types of epoxy flooring.

The coatings come in many different types and colors. Choosing one is up to your standards, affordability, likes, and preferences. You can always choose one that complements your decorations and the surrounding environment in general. There are just multiple different factors that go into deciding the one to use.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Epoxy Floor Coating

Color Coating

This is most especially useful in industrial settings. You might want to color coat to designate each area for their specific purpose. Besides increasing the longevity of the floor, it can also reduce or prevent accidents. It is more or less like creating ‘work areas/zones’ to control the amount of traffic.


This should have probably been number one in this list; the why. Why are you even considering installing epoxy floors in the first place? What are you protecting? What is the purpose? There are different types of epoxy coating which are also best suitable for different purposes. Define your why first.


Considering the traffic flow is a great way to consider what type of epoxy paint you need. It will help you choose the most suitable resin and material you need. Heavy traffic volume would definitely need a different material to accommodate the traffic as opposed to light traffic. Find what kinds are available at Epoxy Flooring Melbourne.

The Concrete

Before going ahead to purchase the paint or finding the contractors, consider the condition of your concrete floor; is it in perfect condition? Does it have some light or heavy dents? Are there any defaults that may need sorting first? Answering all these questions will be the perfect lead to the perfect fitting epoxy paint.

Your Likes And Preferences

This serves a great purpose. Epoxy comes in a variety of colors and patterns. There are a couple of things to consider if you are installing this in your house; the color that compliments your kitchen or the décor in your living area, the patterns you prefer, as well as the texture.

Budget vs. Market Prices

Different types come with different prices. All things considered, you need to figure out if your budget fits the market prices. You might also need to consider the surface area of the rooms you want the coating and such. Put your preferences into mind as well; can you afford what you want?

The Different Types Of Epoxy Flooring

Here are some epoxy floor samples to consider:

Self Leveling

These are great on damaged, cracked, or even new concrete floors. They create a leveled and smooth floor surface texture. They can also be used on new concrete floors to level up the texture. Besides giving a shiny and sleek appearance, they also increase the longevity of your floors, whether it is commercial or residential spaces.

Epoxy Mortar

This is one of the most resilient and stringent epoxy solutions. Its high chemical resistant compound is great for repairing cracks in warehouses, mechanical floors, garages, and such. This is because it is made of 100% quartz sand and solid epoxies.

Epoxy Flake

If you own a commercial building, commercial kitchen, sports venue, or even locker rooms, you might want to consider choosing epoxy flake flooring. This is made up of flake materials that are colored and used to create a multi-hued look. Besides the looks, they also help prevent potential accidents as they reduce slips.


These are the types containing high-performance polymer resin. They are also made up of stained quartz grains which are most perfect where floors require slip-resistance. They are great for restrooms, showrooms, lobbies, and offices.

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