What Are The Common Furnace Problems in Belmar, NJ

What Are The Common Furnace Problems in Belmar, NJ

You will face many issues during the course of your heating system life as it will guarantee to come with ups and downs. The question is not about what type and model of heating system you own, it is about the efficiency and performance. Even the finest heating system – furnace known for its effective heating performance, efficiency, and reliability, do encounter operational problems at some point in their life.

The only way you can enhance and increase the life of the heating system is by getting it regularly maintained and serviced. It will protect the heating equipment and also the comfort of the inmates.

However, the repairs of the furnace system cannot be avoided and you would require help from the furnace repair Belmar, NJ, professionals. The following are a few of the common furnace problems encountered by the homeowners. Let’s discuss some of the common problems below.

The furnace is not producing enough heat

The first thing you must check when you encounter this problem is to see whether the thermostat is set to heat mode. If yes, move the dial-up and down to few degrees to see any noticeable difference. If there is no difference, then perhaps a fuse or circuit breaker has been tripped or blown.

Another common reason for the poor performance of the furnace system can be because of the clogged or dirty air filter. Keeping the air filter clean is one of the most important tasks, every furnace owner must follow. It decides the efficiency and operation of the system and also promotes longevity. Keep note to clean or replace the air filter once in 1-3 months for better and smooth operation.

Keep the area around the furnace clean

If the furnace is not functioning properly, then it can be because of the clusters that have found their place near the furnace system. Do not store flammable materials or substances near the furnace as it can cause danger to the system and the inmates. Give the furnace enough room for smooth and efficient operation and clean and vacuum it regularly for better performance.

Inspect the Burner Flames

The reason why burners give issue is because of contaminations. The burners must be free from dust and debris for efficient operation. The burners that ignite blue are clean and well-operational. The one that shows yellow is most likely they are dirty, which needs immediate cleaning attention. Before you start cleaning the burner, make sure to turn the gas and power off. The burners must be cleaned annually by the experts of heating services Belmar, NJ, for better operation and function.

Heating or Rapid Cycle Problems

There can be many causes if your furnace is turning on and off. One of the most common reasons can be a dirty filter. If the issue does not resolve by itself, then contacting the professionals of furnace repair Belmar, NJ, is the better option. The problem can be more serious and can involve issues with belts and motors and many more.

Furnace Does Not Blow Air

Inspect the inspection window and ensure whether the blower is clean of all debris. The flashlight must be green, which indicates that the furnace is in good condition. If the light ignites red, then call for service immediately. If there is no presence of light, then the problem can mostly lie with the thermostat, the run capacitor, blower motor, transformer, or furnace control board.

Noisy Furnace

Squeaking, rumbling, and rattling noises are not normal and require immediate help from the experts. They are an indication that there is an issue with the mechanical system of the furnace. Even if the furnace is working fine, but with a loud noise, do not take the issue lightly. This will cause a more severe problem or damage in the days ahead.

Smelling Gas

If you are suspecting a gas leak, then the only thing you must do is to vacate your house and call the trained professionals immediately.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues or anything more related to your furnace system, then without any delay, contact the experienced technicians of Environmental Air Systems. They will help your furnace system perform great and promise repair-free days.

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