What are the latest meme trends in 2021?

What are the latest meme trends in 2021?

So, what is up with memes? If we look at history or technological progress, the facts seem to be hard and depressingly predictable. As time goes by, each meme dies out, and another one replaces it.

Memes today are mainly based on pop culture references that everyone already forgot about two weeks after they were released. This makes it quite difficult for me to find something interesting to write about in this article, which should explain why I’m writing about the next big thing right now.     

But fear not! It’s not that bad. Thanks to the convenient time machine I’ve received from a distant relative, we can observe these memes before they die out and pretend its 10 years in the future! Scientifically speaking, it doesn’t make a difference anyway.

So here are some of the most exciting results

The great thing about VR is that you can make memes without a camera or other equipment. All you need is imagination – there are no limitations anymore! Memes related to virtual reality will become mainstream, especially once people get used to consumer-ready devices.

In 2021, everyone will wear smart glasses while simultaneously talking with their headsets on. As weird as this may sound at first glance, you should give it a shot yourself if you haven’t done so yet. Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 (2021) will often be played together with friends and family members, resulting in many “funny” situations that are perfect for creating memes. Meme Scout can help you create cool memes. 

Memes reflect technological advancement 

As time goes by, technology is becoming more advanced – but not too advanced. Memes about owning a flying car will still be relatable to most people. Oh, wait, flying cars exist now? Right.  Never mind then!

Jokes about the current US president have become quite popular thanks to YouTube videos that receive millions of clicks within just a few hours after being uploaded. At first glance, it may seem irrational to judge future memes based on real-life political events. But if you think about it… isn’t the real irrationality to expect politics not to affect internet culture at all?

Internet users often create memes to express their opinions of certain events, people, or concepts. They are created to be humorous but also serve as commentary on current issues.    Memes have exploded throughout social media sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter.

While some Internet users have found ways to profit from creating or spreading these memes through for-profit websites like Quickmeme, most simply view them as a creative way to connect with others online. Because memes can be timely by nature, it is vital for businesses that want to harness their power to keep up with trends being mentioned across the World Wide Web.    Here are a few of the top meme topics being discussed today:

The Harlem Shake

Just weeks after the song dropped on YouTube, dance teams and college students began uploading videos of themselves performing the Harlem Shake in unusual locations or while doing strange things like cleaning laundry.    Video compilations of these performances have gone viral since they’ve been uploaded to websites like Reddit, BuzzFeed, Mashable, and Break.    This meme is still viral among Internet users today.


This teenage Target cashier went viral after Twitter user @auscalum posted a photo of him bagging items at his register with the hashtag #AlexFromTarget.   Since then, countless memes depicting Alex Lee in various humorous situations have emerged online.   After gaining celebrity status through this meme, Lee was even invited to the Ellen Degeneres talk show.   


This blue-and-gold or white-and-black dress divided the Internet into two camps: those who saw blue and gold colors and white and black.    Celebrities have jumped on this phenomenon, with Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, George Takei, Katy Perry, Mindy Kaling, Serena Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, and many more taking sides.   The official Twitter account for dictionary.com tweeted that they were “in the #dress debate but leaning towards #whiteandgol

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