What Are The Top Renovation Ideas For A Bathroom?


What Are The Top Renovation Ideas For A Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the places in your house that should always be aesthetically pleasing. It’s where you clean yourself to start your day fresh and where you relax after you have finished work. So, to enjoy your bath as much as possible, renovating your bathroom to look more beautiful should do the trick.

A beautiful bathroom will also add more value to your house. So if you are planning on selling, renovating your bathroom is a worthy investment. But if you don’t have any ideas as to how, you can follow the ones below.

Hidden Tank and/or Low Flow Toilets 

If you have a small bathroom, space should be one of your top priorities. So, it would be best to use a toilet with hidden tanks for water storage. 

Since tanks are inside your wall, only your toilet seat would be visible. This gives your bathroom that modern look and sleek design. 

But maintenance can be a hassle since you will not have easy access to the inner workings if something goes wrong.

If you don’t like this kind of toilet, another style you can opt for is a low-flow toilet. These models are great for saving water when you flush. So not only are you increasing the value of your house, but you are also lowering your water bill.

Small Textured Tiles for Shower Floor

There are plenty of styles and designs of tiles available, which you can use for your bathroom, but the choice that matters will be for your shower floors. That is because you have to prioritize safety. 

When it comes to your shower floors, the best choice would be small textured tiles. The texture, along with the extra grout, will decrease the chances of you slipping when the floor gets wet. If you are worried about maintenance, don’t worry. Modern tiles are now easier to clean, and grout that can resist mold, stains, and humidity are available too. 

You can also combine different styles of these tiles to create a unique look on your shower floor.

Improve lighting

Lighting is essential for a bathroom. How will you clean yourself if you cannot see yourself? 

Typically people will only use one light source for their bathroom, like a simple fluorescent bulb. As ambient light, yes, it’s enough to illuminate your bathroom, but you are going to need something else if you want your bathroom to be more functional. And one of these things is backlit mirrors

A ceiling light can cast an overhead shadow on you when you look at yourself in the mirror. But backlit mirrors can get rid of them, letting you see your image more clearly. This makes grooming more accurate.

Another thing you can do is to add a dimmer switch. Dimmer switches can control the brightness of your lights for when you want a more intimate atmosphere. 

Place Your Shower near a Window

One of the biggest enemies of your bathroom is humidity because it can cause mildew and molds. Although you can always install a ventilation fan, nothing can beat natural ventilation.

A window can just as easily draw out humidity even if you only open a small crack during and after your shower. Natural light can also enter your bathroom, making it more aesthetically pleasing while letting you save energy. 

When you open your window, ensure that the sills are facing downwards so water can drain off. Use frosted glass also. So you can have privacy.

Recessed Medicine Cabinet

As was said, space is essential for a bathroom. So to save more space, another feature that you can add is a recessed medicine cabinet. This feature gives you more space while not losing the functionality of your medicine cabinet.  

A recessed medicine cabinet is perfect for giving your bathroom that modern look. Because it is inside your wall, you will not worry about your head bumping it when you bend over.


It’s essential to make your bathroom as beautiful as possible to maximize comfort and relaxation. You wouldn’t be able to relax in an ugly bathroom. So, share this article with anyone tired of a dull and lifeless bathroom. Letting them know what the top renovations are. 

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