What Criteria Should I Use To Choose My Obstetrician?

What Criteria Should I Use To Choose My Obstetrician

Taking services from a good obstetrician is of paramount importance during and after pregnancy. Choosing the correct obstetrician is always a difficult task, especially if you have your first delivery. Only you have the right to decide which considerations are essential for you too. The sheer count of traffic on the keyword Sydney’s Best Obstetricians is itself enough to show us the desperation in pregnant women and families for choosing a good obstetrician. Here are some ways through which you can select the perfect obstetrician for your pregnancy.

Studying Your Health History:

Knowing your health history is very crucial while selecting the obstetrician. You have to write down whether you have any chronic illness. You have to make a list of ailments that you possess like epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, or any other previous complication that you may have or are having. You may write down of any illness that may require special care during pregnancy. If you are having any of the above-said complications, you must inform your doctor, gynecologist-obstetrician, regarding this. You must make sure the obstetrician you are choosing should specialize in these problems and should be able to handle high-risk pregnancies. If you already had a C-section delivery, then you should ask obstetricians to try for a vaginal birth this time. You should also make sure that both the station and the hospital are considerate towards vaginal birth after cesarean.

Ask For The Obstetrician’s Outlook.

Concert for the obstetrician’s advice regarding issues that you find essential. Consult for the usage of interventions and like IVs, episiotomies, and continuous electronic fetal monitoring. The obstetrician should be able to understand these procedures and should be able to provide you with proper care and practice patterns according to your queries. You should also ask for doctor’s advice about your pregnancy support people other than your partner who would be present during birth and labor. You should also make sure whether the doctor, obstetrician supports natural childbirth. You should also make it a point to understand whether your doctor or obstetrician supports breastfeeding and what are his or her views about it.

Compatibility Of The Obstetrician

Pregnancy can be a stressful event. Even though it brings excitement and joy to you as a mother, but the facts and complications related to it can sometimes cause you high stress. So show the best obstetrician you can choose would be the one who would make you feel comfortable and relaxed in their presence. It is imperative to have an obstetrician with whom you can communicate quickly. To know which of the station is best suited for you should ask these questions.

  • Are you comfortable with the obstetrician?
  • Can you immediately ask the problem to the obstetrician?
  • Does the obstetrician explain to you things entirely and clearly?
  • Is obstetrician interested in you personally?
  • Is the obstetrician respectful to your wishes and request?


Pregnancy is one of the most critical times of a woman’s life. If you get a correct and apt obstetrician during this important period it would be a blessing. The above said points would definitely help you in choosing the correct option for your pregnancy.

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