What Do You Wish Your Home To Look Like?

What Do You Wish Your Home To Look Like

Do you have a vision? It’s ok if you don’t, we’ve got some great ideas lined up for you. Interior design is one of the most fascinating things about a home. A few little changes and you can completely transform your home without even spending too much money. But actually knowing what to do to a home is the bit that a lot of people struggle with. There are so many new trends and designs circulating that it can be confusing to a lot of people what will actually look good in their home. Well, to try and help you if you think you’re in this predicament, here is what you might wish your home to look like.

Home Looks We Love


Classy is the way forward for a lot of people reading this. To have that showhome look to a lot of people might seem like a dream, but all you have to do is make sure you’re keeping things modern and fresh and you’re going to achieve the classy look. The furniture plays a big part in this, and companies such as Joybird have just the items you’re going to be looking for. If we’re talking classy, leather is probably the best way to go. For the first few years of owning it’ll look modern and new, and as long as you properly maintain it after that it’ll look even better. For other accessories, we think things such as mini chandeliers for the living room or dining room will look great. Using wallpaper with a pattern as a feature wall might also look lovely. Some light floral patterns look so classy and help to really set a room off.


Comfy is really easy to achieve, and it is mostly up to personal preference and what you actually find comfy. If we’re going to talk about sofas again, the best ones to have would be material. You can usually sink into them more, and they don’t have that sharp cold feeling when you first get on them as a leather sofa would. In the bedroom, you could create yourself a little comfy reading corner with a bean bag. Bean bags are surprisingly comfy, they look cool, and they’re cheap to buy. Carpets also play a big part in comfort. In the living room, you want the fluffiest carpet possible with a log burning fire if you can. They’re a bit more rustic, and you’ll need to pay for them to be installed, but they do look so good and create the perfect warm and comfy feeling on a cold day.


Retro is a more bold look to achieve. You have to have a good sense of style for this, and you have to know what is going to look good where. The easiest place to achieve the retro look is in the kitchen. Pick a funky-colored paint that you know is going to look good, and maybe even have one as a feature wall again. For the furniture, a metal retro-colored table, like lime green, would look so good against any flooring, but particularly black. There are so many old-school retro accessories you can get for the kitchen as well, you just need to do a bit of bargain hunting.

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