What First Time Home Owners Need to Know About Their Bathrooms

bathroom plumbing

If you’ve ever bought a home you’ll already know how different it looks when you move in, compared to when you view it. This is normal, you’re viewing with excitement and looking at the general detail of the place. Once you move in you’ll start seeing the smaller details. Unfortunately, this is often where the problems can lie; which can be a particular issue for first-time buyers about the bathroom plumbing.

The problem is that small details can often be signs of much larger issues, that’s why any first-time buyer should know the following about their bathrooms.

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Problems Caused by Bathroom Plumbing Problems

Damp Spots

Damp spots, pooling water, or even stains are all signs that the house has had, or still has a water leak. Where it is located will help you to decide whether it is related to bathroom plumbing or roof-related.

A leak can mean a bad joint which is a relatively easy fix. But, it can also be a damaged pipe in the walls of your home, that’s much harder to get to.

You’ll also need to question how long the leak has been happening for, leaking water will soak into the wood in your home. Over time this will cause damp rot, which means you’ll be replacing the damaged wood.

Of course, depending on the level of damage, it is possible that the damp rot could weaken the wood enough to cause a structural issue.


Corrosion around any pipe joints is a bad sign. It means that a leak has been present and is possibly ongoing. The problem is that the leak may be small enough not to show on the floor or walls but, it is damaging the pipe and the adjoining valve.

This may not seem like much of an issue, you can simply get the plumber to replace the damaged pipe and valve.

However, if you have corrosion in your bathroom plumbing you’ll need to consider the possibility that this is not an isolated incident, you may have issues across your home which is a much bigger job to deal with.

Running Toilets

If your toilet appears to be running continually then you may have an issue with the mechanism inside your cistern. This is one of the smaller jobs to fix, as the entire mechanism can be removed and replaced if necessary.

However, it’s worth mentioning as if you don’t resolve the issue quickly you’ll be spending a lot more money on water than you need to.

A dripping faucet can cost you hundreds of extra dollars a year, imagine how much a running toilet could cost you!

Buying your first home is an exciting occasion. However, make sure you do your research and look thoroughly at the property before you commit, the extra bills associated with these types of repairs can cause a serious financial issue for many new homeowners.

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