What Is The Best Age For Children To Learn Piano Or Keyboard?

Many parents wish that their children play music. The music lessons benefit the child even if he does not look like a young genius. Music classes affect positively on a child’s ability to learn foreign languages, develop mathematical ability, stimulate imaginative thinking and train memory. Historically, playing the piano, saxophone, violin, guitar and other musical instruments was prestigious and similarly skilled people were automatically ranked high among others. To learn more about the health benefits of music, you can check NatureSoundRetreat.

How To Manage School And Music Class:

Parents who have decided to send their child to a music school and bought a piano consider one thing – the child’s age. 6 to 7 years is the right age for piano lessons. No school will agree to take your child prior to that age. The motor skills and the physical development may have not reached an optimum level for them to start. Starting too early can be quite difficult for them and we want to avoid discouragement as much as possible. Also, it would be a great experience for them when they have a say on the kind of instrument they want to get. Acoustic pianos have a different sound from keyboards that produce sound electronically. Keyboards are much affordable though, you can check some of the best on here: https://musiccritic.com/equipment/keyboards/best-88-key-keyboard/.  According to experts, at a young age it is impossible to give real assessment of the musical capabilities of children. Also studying at a music school requires perseverance. To be able to write and read is also a prerequisite.

When a child takes the first steps in music, see that each component of the learning process meets their needs, so that the piano is tuned as needed. Digital piano or electronic keyboard do not need tuning. There are many online reviews which could help you in that, for example you can choose the instruments reviewed by Soundhalo, which is a reputed and trusted brand.  Nowadays young people are not so inspired by violin and pianos but guitar , saxophone or drums excite them.

Do not push your child toward these musical instruments at an early age.  So, if your child’s love for music crept up in 8- 9 years then it’s time to start learning to play these instruments. Children going to music school have periods when they want to quit school and never see the instrument  again. The  parents should not put pressure on the child, not to force the children to go to classes from behind the stick , but support tactfully and unobtrusively explain why they need music at all.

7 Signs To Look For In Your Child

  1. Your child is having basic Motor skills.
  2. He knows the difference between left and right.
  3. Your kid can count to 4.
  4. He is a motivated learner.
  5. Your kid can focus for 30 minutes
  6. He is ready to practice daily.
  7. Your kid is mature enough and can follow instructions.

So the best age to start taking piano lessons for children is 6 to 7 years. Music schools have preschool departments, where a child can go starting from 5 years or take a private teacher. But all piano teachers do not agree to work with very small children. Older students may have an easy time learning to play.  Students as young as six-year-old may also learn since the piano keys are easy to operate. Very young children under the age of 5 can explore the piano, depending on the students.

A number of factors which determine when your child is ready to learn piano. These include physical factors like hand size, dexterity, coordination and finger Independence. But for many it can include social factors also like focus ability, follow a practice plan and communicate effectively with others. And remember: If you own acoustic piano at home, do not forget the importance of tuning. You want your child to be well equipped to learn music. And, having a tuned instrument is vital.


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