What Is The Best Welder For a Beginner?

It is quite unfortunate that you cannot put a single welding machine to say it is the easiest to operate. Each of them serves a specific purpose and it cannot be used otherwise. There are some welding machines that are comparatively easier to operate at home conditions than the others. That does not make the welding process any easier. However, the good news is the fact that you do not require to take up costly welding classes to become a welder. If you have a passion and can spare some time you can become a self-taught welder. And to enhance your knowledge about this specific job, you can find welding handbooks online.

What Is The Best Welder For a Beginner

Safety is the most important factor while welding and it shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. UV rays are dangerous and everyone should take care when interacting with them by wearing welding helmets. According to
bestweldinghelmet.net, there are several types of welding helmets that are now available in the market like auto-darkening welding helmets, flip front, fixed shaded, etc.

Video tutorials on how to use different types of welders are available online. The best part is they are available for free on several video-sharing websites like YouTube. You can make use of them to learn welding with different types of welding machines. Step-by-step guides from these websites can ensure that you learn the art of welding with relevant ease. You would have to first know what type of welding that you wish to learn. Then you can choose and pick the lessons accordingly.

Blindly looking at videos to learn welding can be really confusing. So, always have your intentions clear on what you need to weld and the type of welding you wish to learn for the same. In the below article we look at some types of welding that are considered to be easy to master.

Gas metal arc welding (GMAW)/MIG welding

Using flux-cored arc welding is similar to that of MIG welding. However, shielding gas is not required rather using the flux-cored wire but it is protected from contamination. If you intend to do your welding project outdoors or in windy conditions, these types of welding may be best suited to you. This type of welding is primarily used in construction sites due to the portability factor it offers the welder.

This type of welding can be used on both thick metal plates and thinner ones. This process uses a wire welding electrode that is on a spool. This is automatically fed with a pre-selected speed on a constant basis. The electric current present between the wire and the base metal creates the arc. This in turn melts the metal the wire hence helping it to join with the base metal. In the end, it produces a high-strength weld that requires minimal or no cleaning.

Both of these are capable of providing you with clean welds on different metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, and steel. Above mentioned welding machines are able to provide clean welds on 26-gauge thin materials.

Stick welding

This is an age-old method of welding that is still in use among various industries. If you are looking for home shop needs then this type of welding machine can be best suited for you. A gap between the arc welding electrode and the metal that is used by electricity is the process used in this type of welding. The arc welding electrode is also known as the welding stick in simpler terms by welders around the world. It is an effective way of using a welding machine on different alloys. If you choose to use it on AC it is considered to be the most economical option. You may always choose between DC and AC models depending on the viability. The ability to also be used on both rusty and dusty metals is what makes this even more versatile.

However, the downside of this type of welding is the fact that it can only be used on metals that are 1/16 inches thick or more. The other factor is the need to change rods that are being used quite often. Striking and maintaining an arc is said to be much difficult with the process of stick welding. You would also have to do a clean-up process after the welding is completed with this type of welding. People who want to do home chores, consider welding as a hobby, farmers, and enthusiasts use these welding machines more.

Gas tungsten arc welding (GRAW)/TIG welding

This process involves welding with the use of a non-consumable tungsten electrode. The area that has to be welded is protected by a gas known as shielding gas from contamination in the atmosphere. There is also a filler metal that is used for protection from contamination in some cases. However, you might not require the shield if you are doing an autogenous weld. Moreover, the process of welding with this is considerably slower when compared to other options.

Alloy steel and thin sheets of stainless steel can be welded using this process. You can also weld nonferrous metals like magnesium, aluminum, and copper alloys. As a welder, you would have a control that is greater than the other welding methods. Although mastering this welding process is difficult you can get high-quality welds done once you learn it completely.

Considering your budget

It is important that you do not rush to make a purchase of a welding machine by any means. Defining your needs would be the most important task that you have in hand before making a purchase. Before assuming the cost of the machine, it is important to take into consideration the accessories that you would need for certain. This would include your safety gear and other important tools to work with the welding machine.

Always ensure that you compare costs between different models and manufacturers before you make your final decision. This would ensure that you are not paying much more than what you should be for a welding machine for beginners. As you are purchasing a welding machine for beginners it is important that you do not spend a fortune on the same. It would also help your learning curve better without compromising on your budget.


With all the information provided about you can decide which would suit you best as a beginner. Ideally one has to choose the GMAW or the stick welding as the best option for starters. However, opinions and needs may differ from one person to another. You can do good research about the machines that are available in the market. Another place to look for more information is https://weldingmachinereviews.com/. It may also be a good idea to consider the manufacturer designs that are available. Settling for something simple and useful at the same time would be your best bet.

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