What Is The Difference Between A Cloche, Fascinator Hat And Trilby?

What Is The Difference Between A Cloche, Fascinator Hat And Trilby?Cloche:

A cloche is a close-fitting, bell-shaped hat for women, usually made of wool felt. The name derives from the French word “cloche”, meaning “bell”. Cloches were fashionable headgear throughout most of the 1920s and 1930s. They are often associated with flapper style. The crown is flat at the top and rises to a wide funnel or “narrow” bell shape.


A fascinator is a small accessory that is worn on the head, with attached veils, lace, ribbons, feathers, etc. Typically it will be shaped like a wide-brimmed hat but covering only the top of the head, held in place by a band around the head of hair.


A trilby is a narrow-brimmed hat for men, which was popular from the 1890s to the 1930s. It is made of felt and characterized by its snap brim. The trilby has a narrow brim in the front, often pinned up in the back and a wide curl on the top of the head.

They are all hats that have wide brims. The fascinator is more similar to floppy hats where it has a wide brim but is not pinched at the crown like trilby or cloche. Cloche hat comes with a wide flat crown which is pinched at the top.

What are wide-brimmed hats?

A wide-brimmed hat is a hat with a wide brim, most commonly used to refer to fedora and its variants mainly worn by men. It can be made in felt or straw and it’s frequently worn for protection from the sun. The wide brim offers protection from the sun in summer while also keeping the rain off the wearer’s face.


The word fedora was derived from the title of an 1882 play ‘Fedora’ by Victorien Sardou, starring Sarah Bernhardt, who wore a wide-brimmed hat in the play. While no longer considered a vital part of men’s fashion, wide-brimmed hats continue to be worn by some as an item of religious clothing. In Islam, the cap is referred to as a “soup-ladle hat” and resembles the biblical mitre headdress worn by the Jewish High Priest. The wide brim is often simply decorative – in many cultures wide-brimmed hats are worn primarily in ritual contexts, rather than in ordinary use.

The wide brim hat is often worn for protection against sun and rain, or simply to improve appearance by adding dramatic shadows on the face. They also called Sombrero with wide rim of upturned brim at front and back.

What wide brim styles are popular today?

Today wide brim hats come in various shapes and different purposes. Some are made to protect your eyes from the sun while others are mostly used for their decorative look. This wide brim hat can be seen in country music festivals where it’s most commonly paired with cowboy boots and jean shorts. It gives that retro western vibe which will definitely get you noticed!

Wide brim hats are often associated with men who are outdoorsy activities like fishing, sports games, hunting or camping. They are also perfect to wear during summer since wide brim hats protect your face from the sun’s harsh rays.

What creates wide brim styles?

There are various shapes of wide brims which determine its style category. It can be in fedora shape, cowboy hat shape and wide rimmed tiara which are mostly used by women nowadays to make them look fashionable while protecting their skin at the same time. These shapes depend on the materials used in making wide-brimmed hats. Felt is one material that wide brim styles are made of because it’s considered as a practical choice due to its waterproof feature. Straw wide brims are also popular because of its wide variety of styles that can be worn during summer.

What wide-brimmed hat style should I wear?

There are different wide-brim hat styles to choose from depending on your taste, face shape, and preference. A wide brim fedora can give you a vintage look that is inspired by the 40s where men were well-dressed when they go out for dinner or other formal events. It’s best paired with a suit, waistcoat, and tie so you could look very sophisticated! Wide brim cowboy hats are a great classic choice that will never go out of style in men’s fashion. Pair it with skinny jeans, a button-down shirt then add boots for an authentic outdoor look.


Wide brim hats are great for sun protection, especially in summer. The wide brim can also protect your face from harsh winds that might cause hair loss or split ends. Wide brim styles are versatile to wear that you could experiment with various items in your wardrobe. Wear wide-brim hats for a casual day at work then dress up the wide brim hat when you go out for dinner during the weekend.

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