What Is The Ideal Drill Bit Sharpener For Home Use

Are you using your drill machine for longer time and it is now out of order? Has your drill bit become dull and is no more sharp enough to make perfect holes? Yes, these problems are faced regularly unless you pay special attention towards the maintenance of your drill machine along with its bits.

Drill bits are the special tools that are connected with the drill machine and attain power from it, using this energy power, drill bits rotate continuously with greater speed and make holes on any material or object of your choice.

Types Of Drill Bits

There are various types of drill bits, their usage depends upon the object onto which they are to be used. Here are few of the drill bits types that are to be used in home:

  • Twist drill bits
  • Masonry drill bits
  • Lip and spur drill bits
  • Flat and countersink bits
  • Steep angle twist drill bits
  • Filing and sawing bits
  • Hinge sinkers
  • Rebar drill bits

And many other types. This versatility depends upon their different use.

Construction Of Drill Bits

Now let us talk about the different body parts of drill bits.

  • Shank; is the tail end of bits and it is grasped by the drill’s chuck.
  • Neck; is shank and bit body’s middle part.
  • Flute; makes the hole after cutting edge makes the cut and enlarges the hole.
  • Cutting edge; cuts through the surface or the object.
  • Chisel edge; carves on the hard surface, chisel is the first part to enter the surface or object.
  • Heel; is the outer part of cutting edge.
  • Drill diameter

Drill Bit Sharpening

It is important to keep the maintenance of drill bits to keep the functioning perfect and ideal. Before purchasing drill bit sharpener, make sure it can sharpen the drill bits you use. Following are the features of best drill bit sharpener.

Diameter Of Drill Bit

The standard diameter range for the drill bits sharpener is 3/32-inch to1/2-inch. Its opening limits the diameter range. But when you have drill bit having more diameter than the standard sharpener diameter, you would have to research more to have the drill bit sharpener according to your requirement.

Bit Tip Angle

The standard twist bit angle is 118 degrees, the drill bit sharpener can sharpen your drill bits up to this diameter, but if your bits have more diameter than market also has more diameter bit sharpener.


Metal Type


The type of metal of your drill bit is very much important. It can guide you exactly which drill bit sharpener to choose. Following metal types are available:

  • Carbide tipped
  • Titanium tipped
  • Carbon steel
  • Masonry bits
  • High speed steel

Having the best drill bit sharpener can save you from replacing drill bits more often. Such tools can increase the life span of drill bits. Many drill bit sharpeners have the simplified sharpening process, while others have a bit complicated. But still it depends upon your choice. Better is to use simplified drill bit sharpener for home.

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