What is The Importance of Replacing Your Roofs

What is The Importance of Replacing Your Roofs

You have ever been in a situation where you were required to make a decision and all you got to do is look up and wish there was a sign from above that you are doing the right thing? That is the case in replacing the roofing of your house. Roofs are one of the most important aspects of a house. Without them you cannot be at peace, neither could your assets be safe.

To ensure that you are safe then, you need to ensure your roofs are in the best state. They need to be replaced whenever they get damaged, their paint peels off or plants grow on them. In other cases, your insurance company may require you to replace them after every 15 years, with or without getting damaged. To replace them, you need roofing contractors like Phoenix Contracting of SWFL among others.

Is it worth replacing the roofs? If yes, how is it important?

Long term Investment

A good roof is a long-term investment. The lifespan of a roof is up to twenty years, while others go for thirty years. This means that if you happen to replace your roof today, you will not have to do so in the next twenty years or so. Then, you will have saved so much money that could have been spent on repairs and maintenance.

New roofs spike up the appraisal value and this would earn you better wages in case you are selling. You can use them as a bargaining tool when selling your home. You will have reduced the repair and maintenance costs for your clients, which means they will have less bargaining power.

Guaranteed safety for the family

A well-roofed house feels more secure, not only for the people living there but also for the assets stored therein. The longer you wait to replace your roof the greater the risk you put your family into. Old roofs may be a health hazard. Growing mold and mildew could cause respiratory issues among other infections.

Damaged, sagging, old roofs may also be a threat to the safety of the family. They are likely to leak whenever it rains, causing damage to property and health infections to family members. Old roofs may also collapse at any time or cause instability in some areas of the home. Replacing them, therefore, guarantees safety to you and those you care about.

Saving Energy

Roofs regulate the value and amount of energy within the house. Old roofs may leak air making your HVAC system use more energy in regulating your room temperature. This would mean more charges at the end of the day. Buying new roofs or replacing the old ones helps your HVAC system work efficiently. This reduces the costs that would be incurred at the end of the month on the bills.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Every home needs to be insured. When replacing the roof, therefore, the first call to make is your insurer. Some companies require you to replace your roof after a given time or they will not insure the house. With this, there are discounts that you may receive by replacing the roofs. In some cases, the discount depends on the roof type you use. Those with water and fire-resistant shingles may receive higher discounts on the insurance premium.


Being indecisive is allowed since nobody knows the outcome. However, looking at the positive side might help you make the right decision. When it comes to replacing the roof of your house, there are several benefits that you could accrue. The general house value is improved, insurance premium lowered and energy bill reduced.

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