What Is The Lifespan Of Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Floorings are the heart of any house’s design and beauty. If your flooring is attractive and eye-catching then your house looks great and amazing. If the flooring is not up to the mark or ill fashioned then the whole look of the house, office, or building collapses. The Epoxy floor coatings have revolutionized the whole flooring industry. The epoxy floor coatings give a whole new dimension to the floor and the house. It makes the whole design of the house incredible and people when seeing it are all in awe of this creative and astonishing flooring technology. To achieve it you only have to hire quality garage epoxy floor installers.

So there is a craze among the populace for this floor coating. But few apprehension always binds their mind regarding this new age floor coating idea. One of the most prominent is how long would this epoxy floor coating last? Well let’s see:

What Exactly Is Epoxy Floor Coating?

Concrete epoxy coating is the new age floor coatings that give a completely different look to the floor. People often get confused between epoxy paint and coating as they sound similar. The two factors mix together and give us the concrete epoxy coating as we know it. One element is polyamine hardener and the other is epoxy resin.

Then it is left to dry and is not applied directly after the mixture. This gives the mixture the durability and finishing that makes it distinctive from other floor coatings.

What Makes The Epoxy Floor Coatings So Popular?

The most prominent factor that makes the epoxy coating popular is the finishing look it gives to the floor. It completely changes the whole dynamics of designing. Besides that, there are many other relevant plus points that the epoxy floor coating possesses. They are highly endurable and can take up any weight, they are also prone to extensive and excessive floor usage.

Which makes it the first choice for any industrial, manufacturing, or commercial enterprise. They are also very useful and advisable to places where there is heavy traffic, as these places face loads of movement that too heavy one on their floor any regular flooring would give way and cost you much money in repairers for the damages. Professional epoxy floor coating is the right answer to this problem, this floor coating can withstand any load of traffic, and that too for a very long time.

How Long Do The Epoxy Floor Coatings Last?

The epoxy floor coatings have a great life span, but that too can be improved depending upon the care and maintenance it gets. Ill-maintained floors tend to get damaged however strong or durable they may be. The best thing about the epoxy floor over normal floorings is that it requires minimal maintenance. But if it incurs cracks and heavy damage, epoxy floor removal might be necessary. On average the epoxy floor coatings can easily survive for 2-3 years and even more.

This is because the epoxy floors used in the industrial place are more prone to traffic and usage than the home ones. Naturally, the industrial and commercial epoxy coating’s lifespan is less than that of the residential ones. It all finally boils down to the maintenance of the floor. If it is properly maintained and given proper cleaning and care it can last for years to come.

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