What Is The Warning Sign That You Need A New Roof?

Roof is the most essential part of a house, but it has to be kept safe and strong. The Weather conditions, high temperatures and old age may lead to wear and tear. A damaged roof can collapse anytime. The leakage, water stains and cracks all together affect the value of your house. If you carefully take measures, inspecting your roof at regular intervals, your roof may be protected. Before investing in a new roof you need to question yourself as- Is your roof old? Are there stains, patches or cracks? When did you inspect it, the last time? Is the ceiling wet or has leakage? These questions will tell you whether to repair or replace your roof.

 Some Signs That Tell You To Replace Your Roof

  How Old Is It?

When we talk of replacing a roof, age matters a lot. Generally a roof can last from 20 to 80 years, all depending on the material used. It has been observed that if your roof is not ventilated properly the Asphalt shingles start curling. Asphalt shingles are set to be lasting for 20 years. By going through your home Inspection Report, you can find how old the roof of your house is.

 Dark Strips are Visible

If you find the dark strip sticking to your roof, it may be due to airborne algae. These dark looking strips may not harm your roof, but they make your roof look shabby. You can treat these areas with water and bleach using a low-pressure garden hose-rinse off the mixture gently.

Bi-annual Self-Inspection

Just after severe weather hits, bi-annual spot-check is necessary, As recommended by (NRCA) The National Roofing Contractors Association. Examine your roof’s external and internal part using a ladder. From your attic look for interior damage, weak spots and leakage.

During self-inspection carefully notice

  • Buckling or curling shingles
  • Bare spots
  • Shingle grains in your drains
  • Free material near chimneys and pipes
  • Rotten plywood

Your roof needs to be inspected every 3 years by professionals along with your bi-annual self-inspection.

 The Shingles are Damaged

Winds may also cause damage to your shingles. If few shingles get worn off, you can replace them, but if the cracking is more, then the whole roof should be replaced. It may take 3-5 years to replace the whole thing because the colour of the grains used in shingles keep changing over the years.

 Sunlight Seen From Your Attic

Sunlight penetrating from your roof is not a good sign. This is a warning to you, if light can penetrate, so can water, cold air and snow. When you see light coming through your roof, that means there is a leakage, which needs to be patched. If it is ignored the size may grow bigger. Hence, you should replace your roof sooner.

Sagging Roof

Sagging roof is because of a structural issue, but this is when you need to take care. It is a problem with decking in the attic. You don’t have imminent danger, but its a matter that should be taken care of when small and localized. If you see your roof sagging call an expert as early as possible.

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