What Kind of Grill Can You Have on an Apartment Balcony?


What Kind of Grill Can You Have on an Apartment Balcony

Purchasing a balcony barbecue and making perfect grilled foods at home is everyone’s dream, but there are certain rules and regulations for the installation of a grill at your apartment balcony. Before installing any sort of grill at your apartment, make sure that the grilling is allowed by your fire department and you are not violating any laws. Having a grill installed in your apartment building can be dangerous.

For people who live in cities and don’t have enough space in back lawns for fitting the grill on an apartment, the balcony is the best choice for them. But there are a few things that need to be kept in consideration before you go for the installation of a grill on your balcony. There are different kinds of grills depending upon the method they work; they might be fuel or electricity operated. Also, there are a variety of models of hills, so you must be sure which model and method of grilling suits you the best.

Important tips to remember.

Before going into the detail of the models of grills, there are a few points to consider. Firstly, the installation of the grill depends upon the space or area that you have for installation. As it needs a proper gas connection so make sure that your balcony width is more enough to accommodate the grill as well as its wiring and exhaust connections. The important thing is your cooking or grilling ingredients.

If you are grilling vegetables or sliced thin pieces of meat, then you can use a small-sized grill that can easily be fitted even if your balcony area is small. If you want to barbecue a full pack of sausages or a loaf of meat, then you would obviously need a large size grill to grill it properly; similarly, a large space would be needed for it.

With using a grill on your apartment’s balcony, you need proper space for its gas or electric connection. Make sure that your connection is out of reach of the children and the grill is away from the gas or electric connection in case it does not catch fire burning the whole house up.

The fourth most important thing is to check that you have a proper connection. If you have an outdoor connection to the balcony, it is the best. Do not place the furniture in the path of the grill and kitchen, especially if you are hosting a party. Having a proper light installed over your grill is helpful. It does not affect the working of the grill in any way, but it helps you check what you are doing, especially if you are grilling your things at night.

The time that you have for grilling is the determining factor of which type of grill suits you the best rather it is fuel operated, charcoal, or electricity operated. You are cooking at the weekend and have a good deal of time for grilling purposes then you can select a charcoal grill that adds the exotic flavor of BBQ to the food.

An electric grill cooks the food quickly, so you can choose one if you want your grill for daily cooking. The maintenance of an electric grill is also easier compared to a charcoal grill; you have to clean up the coal residues also. The choice of the grill also depends upon the permission that your fire department allows. Before buying any sort of grill, you must check with your security officers which grill is allowed in your area.

Types of grills

Based on work, there are four types of grills exclusively. They can be electric, gas, charcoal, or fuel operated. The gas grill can also be called a grill with an open flame. In a gas grill, a direct gas connection is given through a pipe to the grill. The gas valve is turned on, and the grill is lighted with the help of a lighter. Open flames are present in the gas grill to cook. A gas grill cooks the food slowly but is tender.

A charcoal grill, on the other hand, does not use direct flames for cooking, instead, the heat from the coals cooks the food. Cooking with a charcoal grill takes a lot of time but gives an exotic barbecue flavor to the food and is perhaps one of the best cooking grills. There are also grills that use wood pellets to cook the food in a similar fashion, such as Zgrills.

Known for their versatility, electric grills are a great solution if you live in the city. An electric grill is an alternate for those who do not have secure gas connections in their areas. Installing an electric grill is very much easier because it does need to plug in the electric switch with the main power and then adjust the heat from the thermostat of the grill. An electric grill cooks faster as compared to a gas or charcoal grill.

In a fuel grill, fuel is used to light up the flame, and then you can cook on your grill. But a fuel grill is more toxic as compared to a gas or charcoal grill.

Safety Items

As grilling is done on an open fire so there are a few safety items that you must have before you start grilling. The first most important thing is heat-protective gloves. For turning and tossing, you must have heatproof kitchenware like longer tongs and a spatula are helpful.

In case you catch fire, you must have fire extinguishers, spray bottles, and water buckets in handy. If you have grabbed all these things, you are now ready for the grilling process.

Portable and non-portable grills

The latest kinds of grills are portable and non-portable. Portable grills range from smallest to largest size. The shapes of portable wells are also different. Portable grills can also be used for indoor grilling.

Non-portable grills are fixed on your balcony and are generally used for outdoor grilling. Non-portable grills are larger than compared to portable grills.


So, you can use any type of gear that the law allows in your area. They can be either portable or fixed and can differ on the mode of working.

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